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In June 2011, the Illinois Tollway Board of Directors adopted a Board structure that creates committees to focus on key areas of Tollway operations and customer service, as well as guide discussion and decision-making regarding ways to improve the agency. The Board Committee structure is designed to enable the Tollway to:

  • Enhance customer service
  • Maintain financial integrity
  • Promote the regional economy
  • Increase collaboration with regional transportation entities
  • Maintain the public trust
  • Foster environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Maintain the safety and efficiency of the Tollway system

Tollway Board committees will meet at least twice a year, and provide regular reports to the full Board of Directors.

The Finance Administration Operations Committee meets every third Wednesday monthly. Other committees meet as needed.

Board Committees

The Executive Committee oversees the governance of the Board and provides support and direction for agency management when the full Board cannot meet. The committee reviews Board and management performance, sets Board priorities and schedule of activities, manages Board governance, designs and oversees the processes for evaluating and hiring the executive director and makes emergency decisions on behalf of the Board, as needed. 

The Finance Administration and Operations Committee provides policy direction and oversight for financial and operational activities in order to ensure the immediate and long-term financial stability of the Tollway, as well as its efficient and legally compliant administration. The committee monitors and makes recommendations to the Board on budget matters, including financing and debt strategies, policies and procedures related to engineering, operations, administration, procurement and legal compliance.

The Customer Service and Planning Committee promotes the development and implementation of information technology solutions critical to providing quality customer service and revenue generation. The Committee reviews technology strategies and business processes for collecting tolls, violation enforcement and customer service. In addition, the Committee provides the Board with advice on the strategic direction and planning of infrastructure investments at the conceptual stage, and recommends direction for long-term strategic planning for Tollway infrastructure projects and other programs. 

The Audit Committee carries out responsibilities related to the Tollway's annual compliance and financial audits. The committee assists the Board in the review of financial statements, addresses audit findings, reviews the Tollway's systems of internal controls and analyzes significant changes to Tollway accounting policies and financial position. It is chaired by Director David Gonzalez.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee focuses on diversity issues and initiatives, fostering access to sustainable jobs for African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and women. The Committee strives to identify opportunities for certified disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned business enterprise (D/M/WBE) firms related to the Tollway's business operations and expenditures.


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