Training Programs

Invoice Training Video

An invoice training video has been created based on the invoice training sessions the Illinois Tollway hosted earlier this year. Topics include:

  • Setting up payroll
  • Monthly invoice packaging
  • How to incorporate sub documents

Invoice Training Video Resources

  1. Invoice Training Handout File
  2. Invoice Training PowerPoint Slides (printing optional)
  3. Copy of Invoice Adjustment Report - Handout 23
  4. Example of a Rebill - Handout 24
  5. Example of an Adjustment - Handout 25

Tollway Construction Contracts 101

The Illinois Tollway hosted a free training webinar on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. for contractors who wanted to learn more about how to do business with Tollway. A video of the webinar is available below.

Businesses involved in the heavy-highway construction industry, including general contractors and specialty subcontractors who would like to play a role in the Tollway's new 15-year, $12 billion capital program, are invited to participate. Participants will learn how to navigate the construction contract process including:

  • How to get started
  • Understanding critical documents
  • Bond and insurance requirements
  • Contract policies and guidelines
  • Diversity programs
  • Tips for becoming a subcontractor

Training Resources

To learn more about the webinar, please contact the Department of Diversity and Strategic Development at (630) 241-6800 extension 3227 or email

Share the training webinar information with others in your organization or community who are interested in the heavy-highway construction industry and doing business with the Illinois Tollway.

Watch the video to learn more about how to do business with the Tollway.


Tollway Training for Design and Construction Projects

The Tollway periodically provides training on the design and construction disciplines for Tollway projects. This training is provided as a courtesy to the engineering and construction industry and is not intended to replace reading and understanding Tollway standards and Manuals. Each training session is focused to a specific audience; Designers, Construction Managers, Contractors and/or Tollway Maintenance personnel. The training is open to anyone who is or will be involved in Tollway construction contracts. Training may be conducted at the Tollway's Central Administration Office which may accommodate up to 60 attendees or may be held online. Multiple training sessions may be provided based on the demands. Other training sessions have been conducted at nearby centers which have the capability of accommodating a larger audience. Training is conducted by Tollway staff or their designated representatives. Reference the particular training session invitation for specific information and registration requirements. 

2015 Training Classes

Description Hosted By Date  
Illinois Materials Inspection Reporting System (I-MIRS) Training Sessions Illinois Tollway 04/17/15 and 04/23/15 Invitation

Find previous design and construction training documents.