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New distracted driving laws prohibit the use of all hand-held electronic devices while driving on all public roads in Illinois all the time. The use of cellphones, as well as electronic communications devices or any other electronic device, to text, email, compose, read or send electronic messages or access the Internet while driving a motor vehicle at any time is also prohibited.

Fact: More than 620 people lost their lives on Illinois roadways in 2015.

We need your help to stop traffic deaths in Illinois. 

Tips for safer driving

  • Don't text and drive
  • Save a life - buckle up
  • Turn off your cellphone while driving
  • Don't drink and drive

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Work Zone Safety

The Illinois Tollway reminds you to:

Slow down whether or not workers are present.
Drive the posted speed limit at all times, 24/7, because:

  • It's the law
  • Work zone traffic lanes are narrower than other lanes
  • Traffic patterns shift often
  • Pavement may be uneven in sections

Penalties for hitting a worker are severe.
The minimum penalty for speeding in a work zone:

  • $375 for the first offense
  • $1,000 minimum for second offense
  • Hitting a worker in a work zone could result in a fine of $10,000 and up to 14 years in jail

Move over for emergency vehicles.
Illinois law requires drivers approaching emergency vehicles stopped along the roadway to:

  • Reduce speed
  • Change lanes if possible
  • Proceed with caution

Pay attention.
Watch for signs advising of traffic shifts, roadway incidents and other warnings.

Drop It and Drive.
Using a hand-held phone while driving is illegal in Illinois.

Don't tailgate.
One of the most common crashes in a work zone is a rear-end collision. In addition, traffic in work zones makes sudden stops.

Watch for workers.
Keep an eye out for the safety colors of orange and fluorescent lime-green that all workers wear when on the roads.

If you must pull over or are in an accident in the work zone, stay in your vehicle.
Call *999 for non-emergency roadway assistance.

Know Before You Go

The Tollway offers a variety of ways for drivers to get the latest information on travel and roadway construction to help you plan your trip, including:

Help Along the Way

  • Motorists can call *999 for roadway assistance.
  • Illinois State Police District 15 patrols the 286-mile Tollway system.
  • Tollway oases are a great place to rest, refuel and take a break from winter travel, with a variety of food and beverage offerings and fuel stations.
  • On the road and need to update your I-PASS account or add funds to your balance? Stop into one of our five Tollway Customer Service Centers.

Illinois Tollway Guide to Lodging and Attractions

The new Illinois Tollway guide provides a quick reference to local hotels and tourism attractions located near each of the Tollway's interchanges.

Attractions and facilities have been identified in coordination with the Illinois Office of Tourism and local convention and visitors bureaus. For additional Illinois tourism information, visit

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Illinois Travel Guide

The Illinois Travel Guide provides you with all the tools to have a memorable experience in Illinois. Whether you prefer the bustling culture of the big city, the hospitality of small towns or the serene beauty of natural wonders, Illinois is sure to please.

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