About I-PASS

Why Use I-PASS?

I-PASS customers get a 50 percent discount on tolls.

I-PASS is:

  • open road tolling lanesFaster I-PASS saves drivers an estimated 10 minutes per trip and 2 hours of travel time per week.
  • Safer I-PASS eliminates the challenge of changing lanes to reach the cash lanes at toll plazas.
  • Easier I-PASS frees customers from worrying about finding exact change or remembering to pay their tolls online.
  • Greener – I-PASS reduces pollution because customers drive non-stop and avoid idling at tollbooths.

More than 87 percent of Tollway customers use I-PASS.

Get I-PASS today.

I-PASS account funds never expire.

Drive farther with I-PASS.
Use your I-PASS on the Chicago Skyway, Indiana Toll Road and in 14 other states that use E-ZPass.

Reclaim inactive I-PASS account funds. Learn more.

I-PASS rates for trucks and vehicles with trailers differ.

Find I-PASS facts, figures and history.

Where Can I Use My I-PASS?

Use your I-PASS on E-ZPass roads, the Chicago Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road. Vehicles (including their trailers) that exceed four tires and two axles, and that are traveling on E-ZPass roads, must exchange their I-PASS transponder for the compatible E-ZPass "blue" transponder available at every Tollway Customer Service Center and at select Road Ranger outlets.

If you have an I-PASS and are driving a motorcycle or pulling a trailer, you may use the open road tolling lanes. The correct toll will be automatically calculated and deducted from your account.

Pay careful attention when approaching an exit; sometimes there is no access to an exit from the open road tolling lanes. I-PASS customers that need to exit the Tollway past a toll plaza must use a cash plaza. Most cash plazas are equipped with an I-PASS or Pay Online lane on the far left side.

At ramp tolls, use the lane most convenient for your direction of travel. If you use a cash lane, you must stop even though you have I-PASS.

Out-of-State Travelers

Even if you aren't from Illinois but are traveling on the Illinois Tollway you can save time and money with I-PASS. There are no special rules or additional fees for travelers who live outside of Illinois. If you are from the east coast, you can use your E-ZPass transponder without any additional registration.

How Does it Work?

Your I-PASS Transponder

Ready to Buy? Click here to learn howWhen you open an I-PASS account, you receive a small white plastic device called a transponder that you will need to mount on your windshield

As your vehicle travels through a toll plaza, a radio antenna sends a signal to your I-PASS transponder that triggers the deduction of a toll from your account.

Learn more about your I-PASS transponder

How Much Does it Cost?

Need more Info? I-PASS FAQs Click here for more answers Ready to start saving time and money on the Illinois Tollway? We've made getting an I-PASS as easy as possible. All you need is some basic information and $30 ($10 refundable deposit/$20 prepaid tolls) to get started.

Automatic Balance Replenishment
When you sign up to automatically replenish your I-PASS account balance, you preauthorize the Illinois Tollway to charge your credit or debit card. As long as you keep your I-PASS account up-to-date with new credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates, your account balance will automatically replenish.

Shared Balance
Shared Balance allows customers with multiple I-PASS transponders on one account to share the funds from one account balance. Convenient for families and businesses, Shared Balance does not require each I-PASS transponder to maintain its own balance; rather, all transponders draw from the same, single prepaid account balance. Customers with heavy toll usage should increase their replenishment level to avoid frequent credit card charges. The replenishment amount can be set by accessing your account online or by calling 800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277).

Manual Balance Replenishment
Manually replenishing an I-PASS account requires the customer to keep close track of their account balance. Customers can pay in person with cash, check, money order or cashier's check, credit or debit card or I-PASS gift card. Customer Service Centers are open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customers can also pay online or by phone using a credit card or I-PASS gift card.

Refer to the Customer Service Page for more information about replenishing your balance and managing your account.

View I-PASS Owner's Manual

Avoid Violations

I-PASS customers have a responsibility to keep their account information updated. And, yet, more than half of all violations on the Tollway are from I-PASS customers who fail to keep their account updated. Make sure your license plates are registered and accurate and that your credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates are current.

Avoid Violations. Update your account. It's easy.