I-PASS Transponder Replacement Program

Transponder Replacement ProgramThe I-PASS Transponder Replacement Program helps customers exchange old transponders at no cost. This ensures that customers have a functioning transponder in their vehicle and continue to receive the benefits of I-PASS. Eligible I-PASS customers are sent a notification letter. This is a mandatory program for customers whose transponders have been identified as having reached the end of their service life. Only those identified as "end of service life" will receive letters.

Program Requirements

  • Eligible customers must bring the old transponder (matching the serial number noted in the letter) and the letter from the Tollway in order to receive a replacement transponder.
  • Replacement transponders are available at the customer service desk of any Illinois Jewel-Osco store, six Road Ranger locations or any Illinois Tollway Customer Service Center.
  • If the transponder is not replaced within 45 days of the date on the letter, the transponder will be deactivated and continued use of that transponder will result in toll violations.

The new transponder will be active and ready for use within 24 hours in Illinois and within 48 hours in other states that accept I-PASS.

Transponders also can be mailed to the Illinois Tollway for replacement. Send your transponder, wrapped in foil, via certified mail, with a copy of the replacement program letter you received from the Illinois Tollway to the address below. A new unit will be shipped upon receipt of your old transponder.

Send to:
I-PASS Customer Service Center
2700 Ogden Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Please contact the Tollway's Customer Call Center with any questions 800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277).

Frequently Asked Transponder Replacement Questions

Where can I find my transponder serial number?Sample letter
The serial number is in two locations. On the front of the transponder in the bottom left corner and just above the barcode in the lower right section of the notification letter. View this sample.

Where can I find the Jewel-Osco store nearest me?
The Jewel-Osco website provides a store locator.

If I have more than one transponder, should I replace all of them?
No. Only the transponder whose serial number has been identified in the letter requires replacement.

I have not received a letter from the Tollway but I think my battery/transponder is no longer functioning, can I bring it into Jewel-Osco for a replacement? Not at this time. Only those transponders identified as eligible for this program can be exchanged at Jewel-Osco stores. All other transponder issues must be handled at a Tollway Customer Service Center, via our Tollway Customer Call Center, or via the mail.

I live close to the Tollway headquarters, can I replace my transponder there or must I go to a Jewel-Osco location?
Yes. You can visit any of our six Customer Service Centers, including the one at the Tollway's headquarters. 

I have one of the old display model transponders that beeps. Can I keep replacing the battery instead of exchanging it for a new transponder?
These older model transponders need to be replaced to ensure customers continue to receive the benefits of I-PASS and avoid toll violations. The Tollway recommends that these transponders be replaced for two important reasons:

  1. The older transponder model is no longer being manufactured and, therefore, is no longer certified or serviced by the manufacturer.
  2. Our testing has shown that the older transponder model does not perform as well as the new transponders on the new open road tolling system.