Unpaid Toll?

IMPORTANT: There is no capability to search for your unpaid tolls by entering your license plate. You are responsible for reporting each toll you did not pay.

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We understand that mistakes happen. At times, customers who pay cash may find themselves in an unattended toll plaza lane or in an I-PASS or Pay Online lane. If this happens, continue driving forward. Do not back up at any time--it is unsafe. Make note of your location by identifying the toll plaza name or number or the nearest milepost.  You will be required to identify the unpaid toll location when submitting your payment. Be sure to go online or pay by mail within the 7-day grace period.

Payments can be made online or by mail, though online payment is recommended because it provides a record of transmission within the 7-day grace period.

If you experience problems in processing an online payment, you also have the option of mailing your payment for the unpaid toll.

Unpaid Tolls? 7 Days to Pay Timeline

Customers Driving Without an I-PASS

Unpaid Toll? 7 Days to Pay - Pay Online
Unattended Toll Plaza Pilot

Have the required information available:

  • Name of registered vehicle owner
  • Plate state/number/type (specialty plates must be identified)
  • Standard plate types vary by state
    • Check your registration card or
    • Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles
      for more information.
      Examples of plate type include:
      Illinois = Passenger
      Wisconsin = Auto
      Indiana = Blue Torch
  • Unpaid Toll: location/plaza/date/time

Use our Trip Calculator to determine the total cost of your tolls.

Need help identifying or locating the toll plaza? Visit the Illinois Tollway Virtual Map for plaza locations and toll rates.

In the event of unknown plazas or direction, toll calculations will be based on the maximum charge (per toll) on our system for your vehicle category.

  Maximum Charge per Toll
  2014 2015 2016
Passenger Car (2-axle) $3.80 $3.80 $3.80
Small Truck (2-axle) $3.60 $5.05 $5.40
Medium Truck (3 to 4-axle) $5.35 $7.50 $8.00
Large Truck (5-axle) $9.50 $13.30 $14.25

Pay by Mail

Avoid Unpaid Tolls and Violations - Get an I-PASS today!In order to avoid the incident from being recorded as a toll violation, the toll payment form must:

  • Have all the required information filled out completely
  • Be received by the Tollway within 7 calendar days of the unpaid toll date of occurrence

Payment should be submitted in the form of a cashier's check, money order or certified check. The cancelled check serves as a receipt. Cash should never be sent through the mail.

Mail the payment with unpaid toll information to:

Illinois Tollway
P.O. Box 5382
Chicago, IL 60680-5382

Download the toll payment form.

Use an Illinois Tollway Map to find your missed toll location and identify toll rates.

Use our Trip Calculator to determine the total cost of your tolls.

Missed the 7-day Grace Period?

  • The unpaid toll has now become a violation.
  • Upon your third violation within a 24-month period, a violation notice may be issued and fines assessed for all three unpaid tolls.

To the extent allowable by the laws of your state, failure to pay tolls or satisfy any fine or penalty imposed by the Tollway may result in suspending the driving privileges, vehicle registration or both of the person failing to satisfy the fines or penalties and other sanctions as provided by law.