Pay an Unpaid Toll

IMPORTANT: There is no capability to search for your unpaid tolls by entering your license plate. You are responsible for reporting each toll you did not pay. You must continue by following the instructions to enter the unpaid toll information in order to avoid violations. 

Before you proceed, please refer to the list below. If you meet any of the following criteria, you are not eligible to pay your unpaid toll online.

You may NOT pay online if:


Your unpaid toll occurred more than 7 days ago.


You are an I-PASS customer driving a vehicle registered to your valid I-PASS account.


Your unpaid toll occurred on another toll system such as the Chicago Skyway, the Indiana Tollroad or the E-ZPass system.


You were issued a citation for the unpaid toll by a police officer.


You live outside of the United States please mail your payment.

Not sure which tolls you missed? Choose your route on a map. Not sure which tolls you missed? Choose your route on a map.

Important Information:

  • If you are using a credit card that was issued outside of the United States, there is a chance that your credit card may not process. If you experience problems in processing your payment, you have the option of mailing your payment for the unpaid toll.
  • If you were driving a rental vehicle, it is possible the rental company has the license plate of the vehicle registered to their own I-PASS or E-ZPass account, and that the unpaid toll has already posted to their account. We urge you to keep a copy of your unpaid toll receipt so that you can prove your payment to your rental car company if they attempt to bill you for it at a later date.