Toll Violation Notice Facts

Tollway customers are required by law to pay the proper toll at each toll plaza on the Illinois Tollway system. The registered owner of a vehicle that goes through a toll plaza without payment of the proper toll is responsible for any and all missed tolls or violations, whether or not the unpaid toll payment was intentional or if someone else was driving the vehicle.  

Section 10/10(a-5) of The Illinois Toll Highway Act and sections 2520.2269(e) and 2520.750 of the Illinois Administrative Code authorizes the Illinois Tollway to adjudicate toll evasion violations administratively and assess a mandatory $20* fine per violation against the registered owner of a vehicle that has been recorded as failing to pay the proper toll.

Toll violation notices are sent to the registered owner of the violating vehicle via First Class U.S. mail and will include a photo of one of the violation events that the Illinois Tollway has on record, along with the dates, times and locations of each violation event.

(*fines assessed on Illinois Route 390 Tollway will be $10 per violation)

Timely Response to Notices

Individuals receiving a Notice of Toll Violation have 30 days from the issue date of this notice to either pay the full amount due or schedule a hearing to dispute the violation.

Failure to respond to the Notice of Toll Violation by either not paying the total amount due or requesting a hearing to contest the violations within the required 30 days shall be deemed by default, as an admission of liability and will waive the right to a hearing and shall result in a hearing officer's Final Order of Liability for the total amount due.

Failure to satisfy any fines or penalties within 30 days after the entry of a hearing officer's Final Order of Liability, resulting by default or by contest, shall result in an additional fine of $50* per liable violation being assessed. Also at this time, if five or more violations are outstanding and past due, a Notice of Impending Suspension is issued.

To the extent allowable by the laws of your state, failure to satisfy any fine or penalty imposed by the Tollway may result in suspending driving privileges, vehicle registration, or both of the person failing to satisfy the fines or penalties and other sanction as provided by law.

(*additional fine of $25 per liable violation will be assessed on Illinois Route 390 Tollway)