Illinois Tollway Moving to I-PASS Sticker Tags

I-PASS sticker tag blog graphic

The Illinois Tollway is transitioning to a more efficient and cost-effective transponder technology – I-PASS Sticker Tags.  

“I-PASS Sticker Tags mark the latest advance in toll collection,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Cassaundra Rouse. “Sticker tags are being adopted by toll agencies across the country and by the Illinois Tollway as they provide a convenient and reliable and travel experience for our customers.”

I-PASS Sticker Tags can be picked up at Illinois Tollway Customer Service Centers starting January 26 and will be available beginning in early February through online orders via the Illinois Tollway website or at a Jewel-Osco or RoadRanger retail location.

The introduction of I-PASS Sticker Tags is being done in collaboration with other E-ZPass agencies and will ensure that customers have continuity in service wherever they travel in the 19 states that are part of the E-ZPass consortium. 

Existing I-PASS transponders will continue to work on the Tollway and E-ZPass partners’ facilities including the Chicago Skyway. 

Customers will not be required to switch to the I-PASS Sticker Tag as long as they have a working transponder. As I-PASS transponders reach their expiration dates, the Illinois Tollway will send customers new I-PASS Sticker Tags as replacements. 

There is no deposit fee for I-PASS Sticker Tags. For customers with current transponders, the $10 transponder deposit will be transferred into their pre-paid toll accounts once a new I-PASS Sticker Tag is registered to the account. 

Once registered to the account, the I-PASS Sticker Tag will be immediately ready to use on the Illinois Tollway and within 24 hours on the Chicago Skyway and other E-ZPass roadways.  

Customers will be asked to dispose of old I-PASS transponders in an environmentally sound way, either by returning them to the Illinois Tollway or by going to the Earth911 website where they can search by "lithium-ion batteries" and enter their zip code to find many convenient recycling locations.  

I-PASS Sticker Tags are required to be mounted to a vehicle’s windshield near the rearview mirror, and like license plate or city stickers, they are not designed to be moved between vehicles. There is no battery, and they last until removed from the vehicle.