Marking National Work Zone Awareness Week, Illinois Tollway reminds drivers to “work with us” to keep roads safe

Marking National Work Zone Awareness Week Illinois Tollway reminds drivers to work with us to keep roads safe

As roadway construction shifts into high gear, the Illinois Tollway is urging drivers to slow down and take extra precautions in work zones to protect themselves, construction and roadway workers, and emergency responders they’re likely to encounter while traveling this year on the Tollway system.
To help highlight the need for extra vigilance in work zones, Tollway is joining with other transportation agencies, Illinois State Police, as well as construction and labor groups, to mark National Work Zone Awareness Week, which begin today and runs through Friday, April 21.

The Tollway and other participants this week will be using public events, social media and roadway signs to remind every driver that “you play a role in work zone safety. Work with us.”
“We pledge to protect our customers and workers by creating the safest possible work zones, but we’re asking drivers to do their part by slowing down, staying alert for workers by remembering that they play a critical role in keeping work zones safe for everyone,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Cassaundra Rouse
The most important step drivers can take to protect themselves and roadway workers is to slow down in work zones and always follow posted speed limits, even if workers aren’t visible.
Drivers should be alert and watch for workers or construction equipment near or on the road.
And, distracted driving is illegal and dangerous, so drivers should always put away handheld phones and electronic devices.
Work zones will be spread across the Tollway system this year as the agency invests $1.47 billion to improve roads, bridges and interchanges to help make traveling safer and easier for drivers.