Tolling 2020 Violation Relief Making An Impact


When Breneshaia C. from the Quad Cities area received a notice that she owed $798 in tolls and violations, she called the Illinois Tollway in hopes of arranging a payment plan. 

That’s when the representative with the Illinois Tollway’s Customer Service Call Center told Breneshaia C. about the Tolling 2020 violation relief program.

Introduced in June, this comprehensive tolling reform package included comprehensive relief for customers with outstanding violations who settle their outstanding tolls in 2020. For the remainder of the year, all existing $20 and $50 fines per toll have been reduced to $3 per toll for those who pay off their balances. 

After reviewing the customer’s account, the representative was able to reduce Breneshaia C.’s total balance due to less than $30. And through the Illinois Tollway’s new invoices, customers will now initially receive an invoice with a reasonable fee from here forward when they miss a toll. 

“I was shocked,” she exclaimed. 

Breneshaia C. shared the good news of Tolling 2020 with her friends in Iowa who also had received toll violations. As many people are facing financial challenges due to the coronavirus this year, others like Breneshaia C. are grateful to receive some financial relief from the Illinois Tollway. More information on Tolling 2020 here.