2018 - Illinois Tollway Annual Report

Throughout 2018, the Illinois Tollway delivered customer-driven benefits throughout the system, advanced important milestones in the Move Illinois Program and developed strong partnerships that promote regional growth, strengthen local access to jobs and build sustainable investments. From nationally recognized organizations to on-the-ground engagement with communities and residents, the Tollway consistently engaged with its partners throughout the year to advance 2018 priorities. 

The 2018 Annual Report highlights notable accomplishments at the Tollway. 


About the Tollway

In 2018, the Tollway served more than 1.6 million daily customers across 294-miles and 12 counties. Other year-end statistics include: 


4.5 million I-PASS account holders - 90% electronic transactions - 2.8 million daily toll transactions (electronic and cash) - 1 billion total transactions (electronic and cash) - 3.4 million customer calls to 1-800-US-IPASS
The People that Make it Work

Every single day, more than 1,400 professionals across 15 departments are working to provide customers with a quality transportation option for their travel needs. From Administration to Toll Operations, this team works collaboratively to advance the Tollway’s mission and provide value for customers and communities throughout the region. 




In the Community

The Tollway is committed to being an engaged partner throughout the communities it serves. At Tollway-hosted events, more than 530 safety seats were checked and nearly 1,000 kid’s ID cards were created. The staff donated more than 1,300 toys for Toys for Tots this holiday season and provided three semi-truck loads of recyclable items at an Earth Day event. 

To continue to educate the public on the importance of roadway safety, the Give Them Distance campaign secured thousands of pledges representing 730 unique zip codes. In 2018, the campaign was shared more than 900 times on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, more than 600 high school classrooms were engaged with a Give Them Distance curriculum as part of their drivers’ education coursework.



Checked more than 530 safety seats and created nearly 1,000 lids' ID's at KISS events - Donated nearly 60,000 pounds of toys to Toys for Tots - Engaged more than 600 high school classrooms with the Give Them Distance curriculum



Award-Winning Agency

Throughout the year, the Tollway earned various honors from national, statewide and regional associations and organizations. In 2018, 30 awards were received to celebrate the milestones, accomplishments and successes of projects, initiatives and people. Whether in project delivery, innovative partnerships or impacts to economic development, the Tollway is proud to be recognized for its work in helping make a positive impact to the regional transportation network.




"The Illinois Tollway SmartRoad and Pace I-90 Market Expansion Program ... is proof-of-concept that large agencies can work in collaboration to embrace bold, new ideas." - 2018 American Planning Association, Illinois Chapter, Awards Chair Christian Bader


Roads and Maintenance

The Tollway operates 12 maintenance facilities across its roadway network and stands ready to ensure the roads are clear and can help drivers in need. These facilities include full-service sites and salt domes located along the system. In 2018, H.E.L.P. truck drivers traveled more than a million miles and assisted nearly 28,500 customers on the road. In addition, more than 12,500 Tollway-related calls were made to the roadside assistance, *999.



H.E.L.P trucks traveled more than 1.1 million miles - enough to travel to the moon and back twice


Engineering and Construction

At the core of the Move Illinois Program, engineering and construction accelerated contracts to take advantage of favorable pricing and market conditions throughout 2018. As a result, the Tollway completed rehabilitation on the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) from Rochelle to Sugar Grove and on the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) from I-55 to Army Trail Road. The Tollway’s Rockford and Marengo maintenance sites were reconstructed and other multi-year improvement projects were launched. Additionally, work began on roadway and bridges for the $4 billion Central Tri-State Tollway (I-294) Project.

In 2018, 72 construction contracts and 40 professional services contracts were awarded. More than 90 new firms conducted business with the Tollway for the first time and 52 percent more Small Business Set-Aside contracts were awarded in 2018 compared to 2017.


Awarded 72 construction contracts - Awarded 40 professional services contracts - More than 90 new firms conducted business with the Tollway for the first time


Planning and Engineering

The Illinois Tollway engages with regional, local and community partners across Northern Illinois on a daily basis.  

In 2018, the Tollway was involved in more than 360 presentations, events and speaking engagements. In addition, the team was focused on targeted outreach efforts throughout various parts of the Tollway system.  

For example, on the Central Tri-State (I-294), the Tollway engaged with residents, held municipal briefings, hosted public open houses and conducted individual community and business outreach efforts – resulting in more than 140 public outreach touchpoints in 2018.



I-294 Project Outreach - 27 property owners meetings - 98 municipal meetings - 3 public open houses - 18 community and business outreach meetings


Promoting Sustainability

The Tollway is committed to providing a greener, cleaner and more sustainable environment in all aspects of its operation. Last year, the Tollway used nearly 778,000 tons of recycled asphalt and concrete in roadway improvements. A new partnership with The Morton Arboretum has led to an innovative study that will provide a data-driven, cost-benefit analysis for decision making purposes relating to future landscape plantings. These research sites along the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) will help inform future decisions and promote a greener roadway across the system. 

The Tollway’s commitment to sustainability has also resulted in significant cost savings. As the Tollway continued conversion to LED lighting throughout the system, this has resulted in a 36 percent savings in maintenance and operations costs, the equivalent of $1.4 million. 

Tollway’s Rockford maintenance site received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for sustainable design and construction. At least 75 percent of construction waste was reused and recycled on-site and features such as in-floor hydronic radiant heat, overhead natural gas radiant heat and energy-efficient lighting are incorporated throughout the facility.


Used nearly 778,000 tons of recycled asphalt and concrete in roadway improvements



Commitment to Difversity

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce is at the forefront of the Tollway’s structure. With more than 260 Technical Assistance Program clients served, the Tollway is actively engaging across the region with its many partners. On the construction side, the Tollway advanced four Partnering for Growth agreements and saw 122 bids submitted using the Earned Credit Program (ECP) bid credits. In professional services, 29 Partnering for Growth agreements were executed and 10 new DBE professional services firms were welcomed to the Tollway. In 2018, disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned business enterprise (D/M/WBE) firms were paid nearly 29 percent of the more than $697 million in total capital program payments. 

New to 2018, the Tollway also launched ConstructionWorks, a program designed to create a pipeline of diverse men and women ready to enter careers in the heavy highway and related construction industry.

The Technical Assistance Program starts from basic how to fill out a simple piece of paper to actually getting out there and getting dirty ... the networking, the one-on-ones that you have, you will never get that just by walking down the street." - John Conin, Conin Inc.


Nearly 29% of the $697 million in total capital program payments went to small and diverse firms



Financial Information

2018 Sources of Revenue (preliminary and unaudited)

The Illinois Tollway is a user-funded system that receives no state or federal funding for maintenance and operations.


2018 Allocations of Revenue (preliminary and unaudited)

Allocations are made from revenue collected on a cash basis and may differ from revenue that is booked on an accrual basis.


$928 million in capital program expenditures

Capital expenditures are for roadway reconstruction, expansion and systemwide maintenance. Does not reflect reimbursements received pursuant to intergovernmental agreements. The capital program is also funded by proceeds from bond sales.


2018 financial information is preliminary and subject to change.