Upon a Notice of Violation, the customer is entitled to an administrative hearing prior to a Final Order of Liability. Failure to respond to a Notice of Violation will forfeit your right to an administrative hearing and cases resulting in a Final Order of Liability will be handled by a law firm or collection agency.

Previous Violation Relief – Unpaid Tolls and Violations Prior to March 9, 2020

Beginning in July, toll violation fines in existing notices prior to March 9, 2020 will be reduced to $3 across the board through the end of the year to provide customers an opportunity to pay their fines at a significantly reduced rate. This includes anyone previously sent to collections for outstanding toll violations. Below is an example of the reduction customers can expect.



These reductions go far beyond any previous Illinois Tollway violation relief efforts and give customers a chance to pay existing violations within the new invoicing process. The reductions, along with the six-month window to pay, allow Tollway customers to settle their unpaid toll violations.

There’s no need to contact the Tollway to qualify for relief. Click the link below and enter the number on your previous violation notices, and your reduced balance will be reflected in the system. Note: Notice numbers begin with “VN” followed by a series of numbers.

Payments can be made all at once or at any time during the six-month payment period, and all payments can all be made online through the Illinois Tollway’s payment portal.

Pay Reduced Violation

Violation Details

To address violations please follow the instructions on your notice received by mail.

The registered owner of a vehicle that goes through a toll plaza without payment of the proper toll is responsible for any and all missed tolls or violations, whether or not the unpaid toll payment was intentional or if someone else was driving the vehicle.

Section 10/10(a-5) of The Illinois Toll Highway Act and sections 2520.2269(e) and 2520.750 of the Illinois Administrative Code authorizes the Illinois Tollway to adjudicate toll evasion violations administratively and assess a mandatory fine per violation against the registered owner of a vehicle that has been recorded as failing to pay the proper toll.

Toll violation notices are sent to the registered owner of the violating vehicle via First Class U.S. mail and will include a photo of one of the violation events that the Illinois Tollway has on record along with the dates, times and locations of each violation event.

Individuals receiving a Notice of Toll Violation have 30 days from the issue date of this notice to either pay the full amount due to the vendor or schedule a hearing to dispute the violation. Failure to respond to the Notice of Toll Violation by either not paying the total amount due or requesting a hearing to contest the violations within the required 30 days shall be deemed by default, as an admission of liability and will waive the right to a hearing and shall result in a Final Order of Liability for the total amount due.

Failure to pay the amount due upon a Final Order of Liability may result in the suspension of the vehicle’s registration to the extent allowable by the laws of your state.

Reassigning Illinois Tollway Violations

To ensure compliance with Section 10(a-5) of the Illinois Toll Highway Act, 605 ILCS 10/10 (a-5), the Illinois Tollway may reassign violations to the person who was renting/leasing a vehicle at the time violation occurred if the rental/leasing company meets the following criteria and follows the process outlined below:

  1. The company must be the registered owner of the vehicle.
  2. The company's rental/leasing agreement(s) must contain a provision advising the renter/lessee that they will be responsible for payment of tolls and any fines for toll evasion.
  3. The rental/leasing agreement must be approved by the Illinois Tollway prior to submitting and requests for reassignments. This approval is required on an annual basis (see below).
  4. The company must post a sign at the rental/leasing counter notifying the renter/lessee of the responsibility to pay tolls and any fines for toll evasion.
  5. The company must provide the necessary documentation to the Tollway by the due date listed on the Notice of Toll Violation (see below for more information).