2018 Ad Hoc Tollway Operations Committee

The Illinois Tollway Ad Hoc Operations Committee met for the final time on November 15, 2018. The goal of this committee was to take a hard look at Tollway policies and procedures and to advance any recommendations that have the potential to improve the way it does business. 

The nearly six hours of committee meetings gave an in-depth look into several complex topics including the Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) process, the Rutan and exempt hiring processes and the Tollway’s conflict of interest policies. Throughout, the Tollway was commended for a demonstrated commitment to transparency, efficiency and thoughtful approach to operating a toll highway system. The committee also heard ways the Tollway could do better.  

The committee is recommending changes to increase transparency and strengthen the Tollway’s operations. These include enhancements to the Tollway's hiring process and conflict of interest policies, as well as recommended changes to both the Tollway QBS procurement process and selection committees. Some of these recommendations can be accomplished through Tollway internal standard operating procedures, and others will require legislative and full board approval. In anticipation of approval, the Illinois Tollway Board will be asking staff to develop a plan for implementation on these recommendations as we close out 2018, and that they report back during our January board meeting with the progress made.