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The Illinois Tollway is a user-fee system and receives no state or federal funds for maintenance and operations. The Tollway is an administrative agency of the state of Illinois which provides for the construction, operation, regulation and maintenance of a system of toll highways within Northern Illinois.

The Toll Highway Act authorizes the issuance of revenue bonds for the purposes, among others, of financing expansions of the Tollway system and reconstruction of and improvements to the Tollway system and authorizes the issuance of refunding bonds for the purpose of refunding any bonds of the agency then outstanding at maturity or on any redemption date.

The Illinois Auditor General performs a financial audit of the Tollway's books for each fiscal year. This page offers links to Tollway financial statements and audits. Questions about these reports or requests for additional financial information should be directed to the Controller, Illinois Tollway, 2700 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515.

Review the Financial Notice and Disclaimer.

Financial Notice and Disclaimer

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (the "Tollway") is pleased to present certain information concerning the outstanding debt of the Tollway and other financial information relating to the operations of the Tollway under this section of the Tollway's website entitled "ABOUT - Finance and Investor Information Overview." Please keep in mind that information presented on this site only speaks as of the date it was posted or, if such information is dated, as of its date. If important events or developments after that date are not presented, they can render dated information to be not useful or reliable. Material that is not specifically dated also may not be current when you read it. The Tollway does not undertake to continuously update materials posted on this site. Information presented from sources other than the Tollway is presented solely for the convenience of the viewer; the Tollway does not undertake to verify any of such information, and its inclusion herein does not constitute an approval or endorsement of such information.


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Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports


The Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports consists of the introductory, financial and statistical sections. The introductory section includes a letter of transmittal, list of Tollway Board members, the Tollway's organizational chart, and a narrative background about the Tollway. The financial section includes the independent auditors' report, management's discussion and analysis, the basic financial statements including notes to the financial statements and schedules that provide further business and financial information about the operation of the Tollway. The statistical section provides trend and business data, generally on a multi-year basis; includes annual supplemental information that meets the Rule 15c2-12 continuing disclosure requirement; and is useful to existing and potential investors.

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Annual Budget Information

Annual Budget Reports


Outstanding Bond Issues

Bonds as of January 4, 2024
SeriesFinal MaturityPrincipal
2009 Series A(1)1/1/2034$400,000,000Fixed
2009 Series B(1)12/1/2034$280,000,000Fixed
2014 Series C(2)1/1/2039$400,000,000Fixed
2014 Series D(1)
(Refunding Bonds)
2015 Series A(2)1/1/2040$400,000,000Fixed
2015 Series B(2)1/1/2040$400,000,000Fixed
2016 Series A(1)
(Refunding Bonds)
2016 Series B(2)1/1/2041$300,000,000Fixed
2017 Series A(2)1/1/2042$300,000,000Fixed
2018 Series A(1)
(Refunding Bonds)
2019 Series A(2)1/1/2044$300,000,000Fixed
2019 Series B(1) 
(Refunding Bonds)
2019 Series C(1) 
(Refunding Bonds)
2020 Series A(2) 1/1/2045$500,000,000Fixed
2021 Series A(2) 1/1/2046$700,000,000Fixed
2023 Series A(2)1/1/2045$500,000,000Fixed
2024 Series A(2)
(Refunding Bonds)
Total $7,047,200,000 


(1)Bonds issued to finance or refinance a portion of the Congestion-Relief Program
(2)Bonds issued to finance or refinance a portion of the Move Illinois Program

Long-Term Credit Ratings

Long-Term Credit Ratings 
Rating AgencySenior Lien
Underlying Rating
OutlookMost Recent
Credit Report
Fitch RatingsAA-StableMost Recent (12-8-2023) Fitch Rating Report
Moody's Investors ServiceAa3StableMost recent (12-8-2023) Moody's Rating Report
S&P Global RatingsAA-StableMost recent (12-11-2023) S&P Rating Report


Review the Financial Notice and Disclaimer.

Contact Information
Cathy Williams
Chief Financial Officer
(630) 241-6800 ext. 4000
Michael McIntyre
Debt Manager
(630) 241-6800 ext. 4446

Bond Documents

Trust Indenture

The Amended and Restated Trust Indenture, as amended and supplemented (the Indenture), is an agreement between the Tollway and its bondholders that pledges the Tollway's revenues, moneys and securities in all funds and accounts (except the Maintenance and Operation account) to secure payment on the Tollway's bonds.

The Indenture establishes two funds, the Revenue Fund and Construction Fund; all revenues are deposited to the Revenue Fund, and proceeds from the issuance of revenue bonds are deposited to the Construction Fund. Within the Revenue Fund, the Indenture establishes the following: Maintenance and Operation, Debt Service, Debt Reserve, Renewal and Replacement, Improvement, and System Reserve, as well as sub-accounts.

Read the Amended and Restated Trust Indenture

Bond Offering Documents
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Schedule of Locally Held Funds (By Year)

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EMMA®: Electronic Municipal Market Access

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority provides continuing financial, operating and other disclosures to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board through its Electronic Municipal Market Access system for municipal securities disclosure, which such system is commonly referred to as EMMA®. Such information is accessible at Such information is accessible via search by the issuer name of "Illinois State Toll Highway Authority" or by the CUSIP number of a particular bond security.

CUSIP numbers of outstanding Tollway bonds

The Authority will, not later than ten months after the end of each Fiscal Year, provide to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (the "MSRB") through its Electronic Municipal, or through any other electronic format or system prescribed by the MSRB for purposes of Section (b)(5) of the Rule, an Annual Report. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the audited Financial Statements of the Authority prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP Statements") may be submitted separately from the balance of the Annual Report when such GAAP Statements are available. In the event that the GAAP Statements are not included with the Annual Report and will be submitted at a later date, the Authority will include unaudited financial information in the Annual Report and will indicate in the Annual Report the date on which the GAAP Statements are expected to be submitted. If the Annual Report (or GAAP Statements which were to be separately submitted) is not available by the date required above, the Authority will send a notice to EMMA or through any other electronic format or system prescribed by the MSRB that the Annual Report (or GAAP Statements) has not been filed.

Bond Trustee for All Outstanding Tollway Bond Issues

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.
Bondholder Relations
(800) 254-2826

Financial Information Disclaimer