The Illinois Tollway supports the State of Illinois' efforts to share information regarding contracts and expenditures with the public. The Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal complements the existing information already provided to the public on the Illinois Tollway's website, including:

Sunshine - Illinois Accountability Project is a place where citizens can go to find information about a large number of programs across state agencies including current state employees' pay, state expenditures and state contracts.

There are currently six categories visitors can search:

  • State Government
  • Education
  • Health and Safety
  • Elections
  • Transportation
  • Consumer

While all of the information contained on this site is an open record in accordance with Illinois law, there may be additional public records available regarding this data. Additional records can be obtained on the Illinois Tollway website or by making a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Please note:

Information provided on the Sunshine Portal is based on records maintained by the State of Illinois and may differ in how information is aggregated from Illinois Tollway records. Unlike the state which operates on a July to June fiscal year, the Illinois Tollway operates on a calendar-year budget. In addition, contract information posted on the state site uses a different contract numbering system from the Illinois Tollway.