I-PASS Assist


Everything you need to know about I-PASS Assist

The Illinois Tollway is expanding the I-PASS Assist program to help individuals and families realize the benefits of I-PASS. Customers who have previously been unable to use I-PASS for financial reasons will have more assistance than ever to Get I-PASS and Get Going!

The Benefits of I-PASS…

  • Passenger vehicles save 50% on tolls 
  • Easily manage vehicles and travel costs 
  • Seamless travel on the Illinois Tollway

… will be easier than ever to attain and retain with I-PASS Assist.

  • Open an account with as little as $4 in prepaid tolls 
  • No transponder deposit required - a $10 savings 
  • Automatic account replenishments as low as $4 on low balances
  • Future invoice fees eligible for dismissal through customer service for accounts in good standing 




Differences Between I-PASS and I-PASS Assist

 I-PASSvsI-PASS Assist
Minimum Initial Payment$30 $4
Transponder Deposit$10 No
deposit required
Account Replenishment$20 $4
Enrollment IncentiveNone Up to $20 for new customers
Invoice Fees$3 per unpaid toll $3 per unpaid toll
Eligible for I-PASS Assist Dismissal if account in good standing



To be eligible for enrollment in I-PASS Assist, household income must not exceed 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines as verified by the Illinois Department of Revenue.


Family Size2021 Federal Poverty Level (FPL)I-PASS Assist Eligible (250% FPL)


Why I-PASS Assist?

Due to up-front costs and ongoing financial responsibilities required of customers to both obtain and keep I-PASS accounts in good standing, too often it is those who can least afford it who are unable to obtain or retain these benefits.

It is for this reason, the Illinois Tollway is looking to expand the Tollway’s current I-PASS Assist program, to enable more customers to attain and retain the benefits of I-PASS, while implementing additional measures intended to mitigate the disparate impact that transportation costs have on low income households.


How Will it Work?

Through a partnership with the Illinois Department of Revenue, the Illinois Tollway will be able to verify the eligibility of households via a secure web form that will require minimal information needed to determine if household income falls below the required threshold.

Once a customer qualifies, the Tollway will work directly with the customer to provide a transponder and set up their account. And thereafter, the Tollway will work with customers to keep their accounts in good standing so those struggling have a better chance of retaining the benefits of I-PASS!


Where will customers be able to sign up?

Customers may fill out our encrypted, secure form on our website. The application can be found here.