I-PASS For Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

Online account management is a faster and more convenient way to manage your account. The Tollway has a dedicated services that directly target our commercial truckers and fleet customers. Reach us by emailing our dedicated fleet service team or by calling 1-855-826-6410.

Adding Multiple New Vehicles/License Plates

Per the I-PASS agreement, an I-PASS must be correctly mounted in the vehicle in order for it to function properly. In addition, the license plate number and vehicle information should be listed on the I-PASS account to help ensure violations are not incurred. Any number of license plates can be added to your I-PASS account by accessing your account online or by completing the License Plate Upload Template with the information below and emailing it. Should you prefer to call our toll-free number (1-855-826-6410), our representatives can add up to 10 license plates.

  1. Name on I-PASS account or contact person
  2. I-PASS account number or I-PASS transponder serial number
  3. Last four digits of the driver's license number registered on the I-PASS account or last four digits of the Tax I.D. number registered on the I-PASS account
  4. Address on I-PASS account
  5. Phone number(s) on I-PASS account
  6. Email address on the I-PASS account
  7. For each vehicle, please include license plate number, license plate state, license plate country, license plate type, as well as the vehicle make, model, color and year

Secure Your Commercial Transponder

You can find instructions on how to secure your exterior roof transponder to your commercial vehicle here.

PrePass vs. I-PASS

System Type Bypass Weigh Stations Electronic Toll Collection on:
Illinois Tollway E-ZPass Roads
PrePass X    
PrePass Plus X X X

PrePass is a weigh station bypass system that enables participating vehicles to be pre-screened and bypass the weigh station, eliminating the need to stop. This system does not pay tolls.

PrePass Plus is a weigh station bypass system and an electronic tolling solution. It combines all the amenities of PrePass with an electronic tolling feature. It also enables vehicles to bypass PrePass-equipped weigh stations and pay their bridge and toll road fees at E-ZPass/I-PASS electronic toll collection facilities – using one transponder.

Vehicle Class

Vehicle Class Description
Passenger Vehicles Auto/Motorcycle 2 axles - four or less tires; auto, SUV, motorcycle, taxi
and Vehicles with Trailers
Small  2 axles - six tires; single unit truck, buses
Medium  3 and 4 axles vehicle or passenger vehicles with 1 or 2 axle side-car or trailer
Large  5+ axles vehicle or passenger vehicle with 3+ axle trailer


Government Fleets

If you represent a government organization wishing to establish an I-PASS account, please email our customer service department to make arrangements. Vehicles engaged in police, fire or emergency services (including public or private ambulance services) may be eligible for an "exempt" I-PASS account in accord with the Illinois Toll Highway Act.

Process for Rental/Leasing Agreement Approvals

A blank copy of the company's master agreement should be submitted to the Tollway along with a letter on company letterhead requesting approval of the agreement for the purpose of reassigning violations. Notification by mail of the approval or denial (with reasons why) will be provided.

Each year, you will receive a renewal letter requesting certification that your agreement has not changed or requesting a new master agreement be submitted for approval if any changes have been made since the last submittal. If a new master agreement is submitted, it must be approved prior to reassignments being submitted.

If a company meets the criteria above, violation notices can be reassigned following one of the processes described below.

Please email documents to fleets@getipass.com (mailto: fleets@getipass.com) or mail to:

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
Violation Processing Center-Reassignments
P.O. Box 5544
Chicago, IL 60680-5544