Contract Compliance


The Illinois Tollway Contract Compliance Team is responsible for monitoring all compliance requirements applicable to the Tollway’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program, Business Enterprise Program (BEP), Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Program (VOSB), Equal Employment Opportunity Program (EEO) and the State of Illinois Prevailing Wage requirements on Tollway awarded and administered contracts.

Compliance Systems

Compliance Forms

Government Agencies



DBE Requirements – (49 CFR Part 26 & 23)
BEP Requirements - Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act (30 ILCS 575/)
VOSB Requirements - Illinois Compiled Statutes 30 ILCS 500 Illinois Proc Code. Section 45-57 (30 ILCS 500/45-57)
IL Prevailing Wage Acts - (820 ILCS 130/)
EEO Requirements – Executive Order 11246 and by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) as established through the Illinois Human Rights Act (Illinois Compiled Statutes, 775 ILCS 5/1 -101, et sequitur), and State of Illinois Executive Order 15-2, Executive Order To Ensure Equal Opportunity Is Provided To All Illinois Persons And Businesses.


DBE/VOSB/BEP firms utilized for credit on Tollway contracts must be currently certified by one of the following:
  • IL UCP DBE (Including IDOT, CTA, Metra, Pace and City of Chicago)
  • City of Chicago (M/WBE)
  • Cook County (M/WBE)
  • Small Business Administration {SBA 8(a)} directory for SBA 8(a)s certified by the Small Business Administration
  • State of Illinois Commission on Equity and Inclusion (BEP and VBP) Certifications



Type of ContractDBEVOSBBEPEEOIL Prevailing Wage
Professional ServicesYesYesNoNoNo
Goods and ServicesNoYesYesNoNo


Compliance Documents



  • Form 2026: DBEs/VOSBs Utilization Plan
  • Form 2025: Participation Statement for DBEs/VOSBs, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Consultants, Truckers
  • Certification Letter
  • Form 2023: Good Faith Efforts Documentation & Waiver Request

Professional Services (Engineering and Engineering-Related)

  • DBE Utilization Plan within the SOI Team submittal
  • EXHIBIT H - Letter of Intent


Goods and Services

  • State of Illinois Utilization Plan version 21.0




Document NameCompleted ByDetails
Form 2026
DBE/VOSB Utilization Plan
Prime ContractorThis form lists out all DBE/VOSB subcontractors the Prime plans to work with that will count towards their DBE/VOSB subcontracting requirements, including a self- performing Prime.
Form 2025
Participation Statement Part 2
Each DBE/VOSB listed on the Form 2026, including a self - performing Prime ContractorThis form will be submitted by each subcontractor listed on the Form 2026. If a Prime is a DBE/VOSB and its self-performing, it must submit a Form 2025. The information outlined on the Form 2025 must correspond with the Form 2026.  A valid certification letter must be attached.
Certification LetterEach DBE/VOSB listed on the Form 2026, including a self - performing Prime ContractorThis letter must be submitted with every Form 2025. Evidence of certification applications are not accepted, and the certification letter cannot be expired.
Form 2023
Good Faith Efforts & Waiver Request - DBE/VOSB
Prime ContractorThis form is only to be used if a vendor cannot meet their DBE/VOSB subcontracting requirements. The form must have two things outlined in the justification/request portion for the waiver request: (1) Scope of Work and (2) reason(s) the Prime cannot meet the compliance requirements outlined. Prime must exhaust all good faith efforts.
Waivers of Lien/Sworn Statements

Prime Contractor & SubcontractorLien Waivers are to be completed and submitted by both the Prime and its subcontractors for each pay estimate. Lien waivers will be submitted electronically through B2Gnow and will eventually replace Form 2115. Lien waivers cannot trail for more than 60 days. 
Capture Application Request for Login/Password Form

Prime Contractor & SubcontractorThis form should be used to request a Login and Password for the DBE/EEO Capture Application for contractors or subcontractors.

B2GNow Compliance

B2GNow Implementation

The Illinois Tollway has implemented B2GNow diversity compliance software for all of its contracts. This is a cloud-based software system that allows for real-time data collection, tracking and analysis of compliance data. The system is accessible from any computer or operating system, and may be used anywhere there is an internet connection. The Tollway's Contract Compliance Team utilizes B2GNow to monitor diversity participation (MBE, WBE, DBE and VOSB) on all construction, professional services and goods and services contracts.

All active Tollway vendors/contractors/consultants will be required to use B2GNow. Both diverse and non-diverse subcontractor payments must be reported and confirmed in the system. 

B2GNow Fast Facts

  • The B2GNow system is secure as access to the system is strictly controlled and monitored.
    • Users receive auto-notifications via their email accounts to log into B2GNow to review and respond to audit notices.
    • Primes and their subcontractors can communicate with each other regarding payment data entry and confirmation on Tollway contracts within B2GNow.
  • Contractors and subcontractors must not share login credentials with anyone. The principal of the prime or subcontractor will be held liable for any inacurate or fradulent payment information entered into the system regardless of who entered such reports in the system.
  • Primes and subcontractors may request to add new users to their company accounts through their assigned Contract Compliance Analyst. This request must be on the requestor's company letterhead and signed by a principal.
  • Only one company profile may be created per tax ID number. Please make sure your firm’s users are current or updated in the system when necessary to ensure the Tollway is reaching the right people in your firm – it is critical to have an accurate email address for each user.
  • Companies may access their contract records for any agency using the system with one company profile, but the Tollway can only see company records associated with the Tollway contracts.
  • B2GNow may also be used by primes to search for new subcontractors by certified by multiplevarious certification agencies, making it a great marketing tool for diverse and veteran firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

All prime and subcontractors doing business with the Tollway on contract requiring compliance monitoring are required to use B2GNow on a monthly basis. Self-performing primes who do not need to subcontract with other firms will still need to verify their payments from the Tollway in the system.
Each month, primes are responsible for confirming payments from the Tollway and entering payments they made to subcontractors into the system while subcontractors are responsible for confirming payments received from primes.
B2GNow has the ability to report/track lower tier subcontractors. Subcontractor profiles would normally transfer into B2GNow from the Tollway’s financial system if this were provided to the Tollway. If not, primes will add their first-tier subs, and subcontractors will add lower tier subs in the system.


Key Points

  1. URL site for ILTollway:
  2. User name is your email address on file with ILTollway
    • If you don’t know the email address, please use the Account Lookup button to see if you are in the the system.
    •  If your firm is in the system but you are not, you can click the Request New User for This Entity link.
    • If you forgot your password, please click on the Forgot Password link to reset your password.
  3. If you are unable to find your business through the Account Lookup button:
    • Email B2GNow Customer Support via the button at the top right-hand corner of the Login screen.
    • Please note that when contacting Customer Support, additional information may be requested for security purposes.
  4. Once logged into the system:
    • Please verify that your User Information is correct.
      • Check under the sidebar link Settings or the Users tab across the top of the screen
      • If information is not valid, please update
    • Please verify your Vendor Information is correct.
      • Check under the sidebar link General Biz Info or the Vendor Profile/General tab across the top of the screen
      • If information is not valid, please update
  5. Contracts in the system - verify that all contracts are in B2GNow
    • New contracts will be loaded automatically in B2GNow within 2-4 weeks after award 
    • If you notice a missing contract, please contact your representative from ILTollway
  6. Subcontractors listed on contracts
    • Subcontractors are loaded automatically in B2GNow within a few days of completed A15 Subcontractor Approval process in e-Builder
    • Please verify that the correct subcontractors are listed, both diverse and non-diverse
    • If a sub has been added in error, please request to remove them
    • If a sub is not on the contract and should be, please request to add the subcontractor to the contractor
  7. For primes:
    • As stated above, each prime with a Tollway contract has their own company profile and login to the system
    • Payment by the Tollway to the prime is automatically entered into B2GNow from the Tollway’s internal contract tracking system
    • The total of all payments submitted to the State Comptroller in the audit month for that contract/prime contractor flows into B2GNow no later than the 8th of the audit month.
    • An audit for the prime opens every month once the first payment on the contract is reported in B2GNow
    • The prime then reports payments made to ALL subcontractors/subconsultants, (non-diverse, DBE/BEP and Veteran subcontractors), in the month of the audit by the 15th of the month following the notification that the audit opened
  8. For subcontractors/subconsultants:
    • ALL subcontractors/subconsultants working on a Tollway contract have their own company profile and login to the B2gNow system
    • ALL subcontractors/subconsultants can see payments made to the prime by the Tollway each month via their company login
    • ALL subcontractors/subconsultants can see payments to their firm by the prime each month
    • DIVERSE and NON-DIVERSE subcontractors/subconsultants must confirm payments reported by the prime no later than the 25th of the audit month.

Links to Certifying Agencies