Webinar Series

The Illinois Tollway hosts a series of webinars to highlight opportunities for new firms to do business with the Tollway. The Department of Diversity and Strategic Development helps small firms, specifically minority- and veteran-owned businesses, gain access to Illinois Tollway work through several different programs and initiatives. This webinar series is designed to help these firms learn about what is offered: from business technical and prequalification assistance to workforce development initiatives and more. By expanding the pool of potential firms, the Illinois Tollway not only creates opportunities for these businesses but also serves its customers by ensuring varied and competitive bids. The Building for Success webinar series takes place every Monday at 3 p.m. 

Previous Building for Success Illinois Tollway Diversity Webinars



Series NumberDateTopic/TitleWatch the VideoView the Presentation
10506/18/2024Navigating Illinois Procurement GatewayWatchView
10406/10/2024 Statement of Interest WorkshopWatchView
10306/04/2024How To Do Business with the Tollway – Goods and ServicesWatchView
10205/13/2024How to Navigate Bid BuyWatchView
 4/15/2024Partnering for Growth - Emerging Technologies: DroneWatch a short video
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1014/15/2024Incident Management Construction Work Zone Best PracticesWatchView
1004/8/2024Illinois Tollway Job Order Contracting Program and Small Business Initiative 101WatchView
993/11/2024State of Illinois Small Business Set-Aside ProgramWatchView
982/05/2024Empowering Small Businesses with BMO BankWatchView
971/22/2024Growing Small Businesses the U.S. Small Business AdministrationWatchView
9511/13/2023Illinois Capital Development Board PrequalificationWatchView
9410/30/2023Illinois Department of Transportation's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) CertificationWatchView
919/11/2023Illinois Tollway Job Order Contracting Program and Small Business Initiative 101WatchView
89 and 908/14/2023Illinois Tollway Webinar Job Order Contracting (JOC) 101WatchView
887/31/2023Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Statements of Interest WorkshopWatchView
877/17/2023Doing Business With the Tollway - Contract ComplianceWatchView
866/26/2023Gaining a Competitive Edge With Illinois Tollway Bid Credit IncentivesWatchView
856/12/2023Illinois Tollway Towing and Road ServiceWatchView
845/22/2023How to Do Business with the Tollway Goods and ServicesWatchView
835/1/23Goods and Services Special Provisions ComplianceWatchView
824/24/23Are You Ready to Bid on a Tollway Small Business Initiative Contract?WatchView
813/15/23Web Based Program Management Control Systems (WBPMCS) 22-0086WatchView
803/8/23Web Based Program Management Control Systems (WBPMCS) 22-0086WatchView
793/6/23Professional Services Bulletin (PSB) 23-1WatchView
782/27/23Illinois Tollway Small Business Initiative Contractor PanelWatchView
772/6/23Illinois Tollway Electrical Work PrimerWatchView
761/23/23Illinois Tollway e-TicketingWatchView
7512/12/2022Partnering for Growth – Professional Services Reverse Mentor-Protégé Program View
7411/7/2022Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) Programs and ServicesWatchView
7311/1/2022Emerging Technologies:  ContractorsWatch View
7210/17/2022Emerging Technologies: Electric Contract OpportunitiesWatch


709/12/2022Illinois Tollway Insurance and Risk ManagementWatchView
 8/22/2022Statement of Interest and NetworkingWatchView
697/11/2022Job Order Contracting Facilities Program TrainingWatchView
676/6/2022Navigating BidBuyWatch View
665/23/2022Rolling Owner-Controlled Insurance ProgramWatchView
655/9/2022Doing Business with the Illinois Tollway
Contract Compliance Construction Forms/Documents
644/25/2022How to Do Business with the Tollway:
Vendor Responsiveness
634/11/2022Illinois Tollway's Small Business InitiativeWatchView
623/28/2022State of Illinois Small Business Set AsideWatchView
613/14/2022Illinois Tollway's Capture Application Training
(presented in Spanish)
602/28/20222022 Technical AssistanceWatchView
 2/22/2022Virtual Workshop With Classroom Training On AMG softwareWatchView
View SITECH Midway
592/14/2022Automated Machine Guidance and Upcoming Opportunities for ContractorsWatchView
582/7/20222021 Diversity Year in ReviewWatchView
571/24/2022B2GNow TrainingWatchView
561/10/2022Partnering for Growth – Professional Services Reverse Mentor-Protégé ProgramWatchView
551/6/2022Traffic Operations Center/Dispatch Center Renovation Contract Opportunities  
5412/20/2021Illinois Tollway's Partnering for Growth Professional Services Reverse RelationshipsWatchView
5212/13/2021Traffic Operations Center/Dispatch Center Renovation Contract OpportunitiesWatchView
5110/18/2021Illinois Tollway B2GNow TrainingWatchView
5010/18/2021How to Do Business With the Tollway: Goods and ServicesWatchView
4910/04/2021Capture Application TrainingWatchView
489/27/2021Illinois Tollway Partnering for Growth Program Success StrategiesWatchView
479/13/2021Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Statement of Interest (SOI) WorkshopWatch 
468/30/2021Illinois Tollway Electrical Contract OpportunitiesWatchView
458/23/2021Illinois Tollway Statement of Interest WorkshopWatchView
448/16/2021How to Write An Effective Capability StatementWatchView
438/9/2021Illinois Tollway B2GNow TrainingWatchView
428/2/2021Illinois Tollway Bid Credit TrainingWatchView
417/26/2021Illinois Tollway Rolling Owner-Controlled Insurance ProgramWatchView
407/19/2021The Power of A Balance SheetWatchView
397/12/2021Navigating BidBuyWatchView
386/28/2021How to Get Certified with the City of Chicago View
376/21/2021Are You Ready to Bid on a Tollway Small Business Initiative ContractWatchView
356/7/2021Illinois Tollway Construction Works and Earned Credit ProgramWatchView
325/10/2021Access to CapitalWatch 
315/3/2021Illinois Tollway Small Business Initiative ContractWatchView
304/26/2021Illinois Tollway Partnering for Growth: Professional ServicesWatchView
294/19/2021The ABC's of the Small Business InitiativeWatchView
284/12/2021Illinois Tollway ConstructionWorks And Earned Credit Program TrainingWatchView
274/5/2021Doing Business with The Tollway: ConstructionWatchView
263/29/2021Registration and Training for The Illinois Tollway’s Small Business InitiativeWatch 
 3/22/2021Virtual Networking Opportunity for Violation Enforcement Program ContractWatchView
253/22/2021How to Do Business With The Tollway: Goods And ServicesWatchView
243/15/2021Central Management Services Business Enterprise ProgramWatchView
233/1/2021Illinois Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program CertificationWatchView
222/22/2021Small Business Initiative Plaza Improvement Contracts and Virtual NetworkingWatchView
202/1/2021Bonding: Building Capacity for Your Construction CompanyWatchView
181/11/2021Illinois Tollway Commitment to DiversityWatchView
1712/14/2020Illinois Tollway Small Business InitiativeWatchView
1511/16/2020IDOT Prime Contractor Prequalification and Subcontractor Registration In ConstructionWatchView
1411/9/2020IDOT Statement of Interest (SOI) FeedbackWatchView
1210/26/2020Becoming A Subcontractor on A Tollway Project And Do You Have What It Takes?Watch 
1110/19/2020Project Management Essentials: Keys to Effectively Manage Your ProjectWatch 
1010/5/2020Construction Drawing Process ReviewWatch 
99/28/2020Illinois Tollway Workforce Development InitiativesWatchView
89/21/2020Illinois Tollway Small Business Set-Aside ProgramWatchView
79/14/2020BEP Certification and FastTrack ApplicationWatchView
68/31/2020IDOT Consultant Engineering Prequalification View
58/24/2020Marketing Your Business in Times Of COVID-19Watch 
38/10/2020Access to CapitalWatchView
28/3/2020Illinois Tollway Partnering for GrowthWatchView
17/27/2020Illinois Tollway UnbundlingWatchView