Important Message from the I-PASS Customer Service Team

One or more of the vehicles on your account may be at risk of losing the I-PASS discount if the vehicle incurs video tolls more than five times in any month. Beginning January 1, 2018, to enjoy the I-PASS discount on tolls, you must use a transponder while traveling on the Tollway.

If a transponder is not detected, we post a video toll to your account. After five video tolls on a single license plate in one month, you will lose the I-PASS discount on tolls (for that license plate), and any subsequent video tolls (to that plate) will post at the full cash rate for the remainder of the month.

Transponders can be shared between cars and motorcycles registered to the same I-PASS account, but the transponder must be properly mounted in the vehicle when it is traveling on the Tollway. Sharing a transponder puts you at risk of forgetting to move the transponder. Be safe and put a transponder in every vehicle. No transponder, no discount.

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