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Transparency, accountability, diversity and efficiency are the driving forces behind the Tollway's business operations, ensuring outcomes that exceed customer expectations.

The links on this page serve as a pathway toward working as a part of our team.

The Illinois Tollway provides a training video for contractors who want to learn more about how to do business with Tollway.

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Vehicles, Equipment and Surplus Inventory

The Illinois Tollway, in partnership with the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services, utilizes the iBid Illinois website for selling Tollway vehicles and miscellaneous surplus inventory.

Illinois Tollway directors, employees, consultants, their spouses, children or any person having any direct involvement with the disposition of Illinois Tollway surplus property may not bid on or purchase Illinois Tollway property. Furthermore, employees of the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services or any other person possessing personal or first-hand information regarding the condition of any item available for auction on the iBid Illinois website are prohibited from bidding.

iBid Illinois inventory is added regularly.

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Vehicle Recovery and Towing Services

Clearing of disabled vehicles from the roadway and other sensitive areas is critical to maintaining a safe roadway system.

To accomplish this, the Tollway established two programs:

  • Vehicle Recovery Service Program
  • Towing and Road Service

Formal policy guidelines are established with qualified towing and vehicle recovery operators located throughout the Illinois Tollway system. These operators provide quick and efficient response to clearing the road due to a disabled vehicle, crash or other incident.

The formal policy guidelines define the duties and responsibilities of towing and vehicle recovery operators authorized to service the Illinois Tollway. All qualified service vehicles bear an authorization sticker. The policy guidelines also identify the maximum rates that can be charged for services. Performance of towing and vehicle recovery firms is audited by the Illinois Tollway. This ensures compliance with policy guidelines, as well as safe, quick and courteous service to Tollway customers.

The Tollway system covers 294 miles of roadway across 12 counties. Authorized road service providers are established within specific zones.

Motorists may call for their own service, as long as their vehicle is not blocking a live traffic lane or in an unsafe position.

Application for Towing


Qualified companies interested in participating in these programs should first submit a letter of interest to:

Tollway Incident Manager, Maintenance and Traffic Division
2700 Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Vehicle Recovery Service Application and Program Information

Applications to provide vehicle recovery services are now being accepted for the Illinois Tollway's Vehicle Recovery Program. For more information about the Tollway's Vehicle Recovery Service Program, please contact 630-241-6800 Ext 4904.

Please note:  This includes the same requirements as the agreement posted in 2014.

The application and agreement for the Recovery Service Program are available below. 

Application and Process  Agreement


Towing Program Information

For more details on the rules, regulations and overall program requirements, refer to the following documents.

To share any compliments or complaints regarding services received from authorized towing and vehicle recovery operators, contact us at 630-241-6800 Ext 3904 or Leave Feedback About Our Roadway.

B2GNow Information

B2GNow Implementation

The Illinois Tollway is implementing its new diversity compliance software, B2GNow, which is a cloud-based software system that will allow for real-time data collection and improve the tracking and analysis of compliance data. The system is accessible from any computer or operating system, and may be used anywhere there is an internet connection. B2GNow is a critical step towards allowing the Tollway to monitor participation on construction, professional services and goods and services contracts.

All active Tollway construction, professional services and goods and services vendors will be required to use B2GNow.

  • For construction and professional services contracts, B2GNow launched in 2018. Please reference B2GNow Key Points.
  • For goods and services contracts, B2GNow will launch in the summer of 2019.

B2GNow Fast Facts

  • The B2GNow system is secure as information never leaves the system.
    • Users receive notifications to their registered email accounts to log into B2GNow when information is transmitted or updated.
    • B2GNow allows for the transmittal of private, confidential messages.
    • All messaging among prime contractors, subcontractors and the Tollway regarding contracts in the system should be done within B2GNow.
  • Do not share your login credentials with anyone as the system tracks changes by user account. Every user should have a unique user account. New users may search for their company profile by business name or tax ID number and then issue a new user request.
  • Only one company profile may be created per tax ID number. You may check your firm’s profile in the system and make any updates needed prior to system launch. Update your firm’s Users to ensure the Tollway is reaching the right people in your firm – it is critical to have an accurate email address for each user.
  • Companies may access their records for any agency using the system with one company profile, but the Tollway can only see company records associated with the Tollway.
  • B2GNow may also be used by primes to search for new subcontractors by multiple certification directories, making it a great marketing tool for diverse and veteran firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

All prime and subcontractors doing business with the Tollway are required to use B2GNow on a monthly basis. Prime vendors who do not have subcontractors will still need to verify their payments from the Tollway in the system.
Each month, primes are responsible for confirming payments from the Tollway and entering payments to subcontractors into the system while subcontractors are responsible for confirming payments received from primes.
B2GNow has the ability to report up to 10 tiers of subcontractors. For diversity reporting purposes, primes may decide who reports lower levels of subcontractors.


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