Training Programs



Navigating the Tollway Bid Process

A series of educational videos are available for contractors who want to learn more about how to do business with the Tollway. Businesses involved in the heavy-highway construction industry, including general contractors and specialty subcontractors are invited to view the educational videos and learn how to navigate the construction contract bid process. Topics covered include:

  • Getting started with construction contracts
  • Accessing required documents
  • Understanding bid process and contract documents
  • Submitting your bid

Educational Videos

Navigating the Tollway Bid Process has been divided into six short modules. Each module covers a separate topic, all six of which are important to the overall bid submittal process.

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How to do business with the Tollway

This module provides firms that have never done business with the Tollway, with an overview of the requirements they must meet in order to bid on a Tollway construction contract. 

Contract Requirements

This module discusses contract surety bond and insurance requirements for Tollway construction contracts. 

Diversity and Strategic Development

This module includes the various diversity requirements and compliance on Tollway contracts.



Starting the Bid Process

It is important to understand all bid documents. This module covers the submittal of certifications, financial disclosures, prequalifications as well as bid disqualifiers. 

The Proposal

This module discusses the bidder’s offer to perform the work identified in the contract documents. Bids must be in the form prescribed by the Tollway. 

Tollway's Response to Bid

This module discusses what happens once a bid is awarded.

Invoice Training Video




Video Overview

An invoice training video has been created based on invoice training sessions the Illinois Tollway hosted, topics include:

  • Setting up payroll
  • Monthly invoice packaging
  • How to incorporate sub documents

Video Resources

  1. Invoice Training Handout File
  2. Invoice Training PowerPoint Slides (printing optional)
  3. Copy of Invoice Adjustment Report - Handout 23
  4. Example of a Rebill - Handout 24
  5. Example of an Adjustment - Handout 25

Tollway Training for Design and Construction Projects

The Tollway periodically provides training on the design and construction disciplines for Tollway projects. This training is provided as a courtesy to the engineering and construction industry and is not intended to replace reading and understanding Tollway standards and Manuals. Each training session is focused to a specific audience; Designers, Construction Managers, Contractors and/or Tollway Maintenance personnel.

The training is open to anyone who is or will be involved in Tollway construction contracts. Training may be conducted at the Tollway's Central Administration Office or held online. Multiple training sessions may be provided based on demand. Other training sessions are conducted at nearby centers that can accommodate a larger audience. Training is conducted by Tollway staff or designated representatives. 

Training Videos

The following are links to the Illinois Tollway's online training YouTube channel. The channel includes a series of video presentations targeted toward providing training to the consulting community. Training topics cover a variety of subjects, including Safety, Construction Management, Design Section Engineering and the Traffic Barrier Guidelines.

The Illinois Tollway will not respond to comments or questions posted directly on the YouTube site. 

Design Section Engineers and Construction Manager Presenations

DSE Presentations Playlist

CM Presentations Playlist


Traffic Barrier Guidelines Online Training Series

A series of training videos covering the Illinois Tollway’s Traffic Barrier Guidelines and barrier warrant analysis procedure have been developed to replace the live hands-on workshop. There are 17 individual modules totaling over four hours in length and covering a variety of topics, including Level 0/1/2/3 analyses, bridge type studies and the overall submittal process. The series is intended for anyone involved in the barrier warrant process, from beginning designers through advanced users and QA/QC reviewers.

It is intended that the viewers watch the modules in order starting with the Introduction. At the beginning of most modules there is a list of prerequisite modules that should be viewed beforehand; a few modules are standalone with no prerequisites. At the end of most modules there is a suggestion as to which module should be viewed next. The modules include helpful hands-on sample problems for engineers to work through alongside the video presentations. The entire series will be available on YouTube, and is intended to be updated as new criteria are established.

Traffic Barrier Guidelines Training Printable Documents
Barrier Warrant Submittal Checklist
Sample Analysis

Accelerated Bridge Construction Workshop

The Illinois Tollway implemented accelerated bridge construction (ABC) into design plans and construction projects via Design Bulletin 16-03, which was released to the industry in December 2016. A seminar was held in March 2017 to provide an overview of the Tollway’s new ABC policy, a national and statewide outlook on ABC from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and a discussion on ABC technologies and resources from the Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC). Materials from the ABC workshop and relative to the new procedure are available.

Construction Contract Insurance Requirements and Submittals

The Illinois Tollway's Construction Insurance Analyst Mark R. Thomas, CRIS, discusses the Tollway's requirements for construction contract insurance and submittals as part of the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association's (IRTBA) Road Builder University webinar series.

View the webinar

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