Program Goal

The Tollway has partnered with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership to launch ConstructionWorks, an innovative program to create a qualified pipeline of diverse men and women ready to enter careers in the heavy highway and related construction industry.

Your Connection to a Career in Construction

Through ConstructionWorks, participants will be connected to a network of experienced career and pre-apprenticeship training partners throughout Northern Illinois who offer customized construction industry preparation. Participants will have an unprecedented level of access to key industry resources throughout the region, including construction contractors and regional transportation agencies. To better assist with long-term career success, the program will also provide support services for participants after they attain employment.

To learn more about ConstructionWorks career training opportunities, please visit the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership website.

Your Connection to a Skilled Workforce

ConstructionWorks is designed to create a pipeline of diverse men and women ready to enter careers in the heavy highway and related construction industry.

Candidates are skilled, work-ready and represent most trades recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor including equipment operators, carpenters, electricians, iron workers, cement masons and laborers.

By hiring and retaining ConstructionWorks job candidates, all contractors—both prime and subcontractors—can earn bid credits to be used on future Tollway construction bids, lowering their bid amount and increasing the chances of winning the contract as the lowest bidder.

Participating contractors are also eligible to receive a $15 cash reimbursement for every hour worked by a ConstructionWorks apprentice hire on Tollway projects—up to $100,000 per contract.

ConstructionWorks job candidates are ready to work and have received an unprecedented level of access to comprehensive job training, support, placement and retention services. These individuals are prepared for careers and ready to thrive in Illinois’ high-demand transportation related construction industry.

How It Works

Contractors with ConstructionWorks hires working on Tollway contracts will earn bid credits that may be used toward future Tollway construction bids, as well as a cash incentive for each hour worked by ConstructionWorks hires. Both incentives are applicable for ConstructionWorks hires working on Tollway projects.

  • First Level Incentive—Contractors earn bid credits for employing ConstructionWorks hires on any public works project in the state of Illinois.
  • Second Level Incentive—Contractors earn an additional $15 per work hour cash wage reimbursement for ConstructionWorks apprentice hires, for all trades.

Participating ConstructionWorks contractors may apply bid credits up to a maximum bid credit cap assigned to each contract by the Tollway in order to lower their bid amount and increase the chances of winning the contract as the low bidder.

Labor GroupFirst Level Incentive:Second Level Incentive
A. Operating Engineers - Structural Steel Iron Workers75 cents for every dollar earned$15 an hour to a maximum of 
B. Skilled Trades and Fabricators65 cents for every dollar earned$100,000 per contract
C. Skilled Laborers55 cents for every dollar earned 


How to Get Involved

Hire a ConstructionWorks Program job candidate and start earning bid credits.

  1. Register to use our hiring portal
  2. Once hiring portal registration is approved, begin reviewing resumes and certifications from qualified ConstructionWorks participants.
  3. Contact candidates and schedule interviews.

Email the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership here with any questions.

Fill out the Tollway ConstructionWorks Contractor Request for Tradespersons

Interested in Joining the Electrical Profession as a Union Member?

Illinois Tollway ConstructionWorks supporting a unique career opportunity presented by IBEW Local 9 and IBEW Local 196

The Illinois Tollway’s Diversity Department works tirelessly to develop new opportunities and highlight programs and initiatives that have the power to drive economic opportunities for veteran, women, minority and disadvantaged individuals and businesses across the region.  

As a part of these efforts, Illinois Tollway ConstructionWorks, a robust employment training and support program, is connecting people with jobs in the heavy highway industry.   

Next week, we’re bringing a unique ConstructionWorks opportunity to our Building for Success bi-weekly webinar series to highlight a key opportunity presented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW Local 9 and IBEW Local 196.

The webinar, which is being presented by the Illinois Tollway will present new opportunities with these two union locals for individuals who are interested in heavy highway and related construction industry and ways we can assist you to qualify. 

In addition, the Illinois Tollway ConstructionWorks administrator - The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, will go over additional opportunities and supportive services.

Qualified event participants will be invited to IBEW Local 9 and IBEW Local 196 site visits to get hands on exposure to the career paths available from these tremendous union industry partners. To learn more about their programming, and those without existing licenses will learn how ConstructionWorks can support you in that journey.  

Please join us for a great opportunity by one of the sessions. 

View a PDF of the presentation here.

Session 1


Session 2