Tower and Fiber Leasing


Roadside towers have been in place along the Illinois Tollway for several years. Since the 1970s, sites have hosted city, county, state and federal entities, offering fair use of the Illinois Tollway's infrastructure to help improve public safety. In order to further enhance public safety, the Tollway constructed a fiber optic network along its 294-mile right-of-way to support its internal voice, video and data network.

Fiber Optic Leasing

During the construction of the fiber optic network along the Tollway, duct and dark fiber capacity was added to all its routes. This duct and dark fiber is available for lease with an indefeasible right-to-use agreement by telecommunications companies, governmental entities, commercial accounts or others.

For additional information, contact John Needham with CBRE Network Advisory Services at 303-246-1864.



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Communications Tower Leasing

Since 1997, the Illinois Tollway has offered fair, equitable opportunities for cellular companies to co-locate on our tower sites. In 2003, broadband wireless Internet carriers began serving communities surrounding the Illinois Tollway. Cellular, PCS or broadband wireless Internet carriers are not the first to lease Tollway facilities. 

Residents of towns located near the Illinois Tollway are direct beneficiaries of these co-location agreements. Each time a resident uses their cellphone throughout Northern Illinois, they may be assured that the Illinois Tollway is doing its part to ensure coverage.


For more information call 630-241-6800 extension 3411

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Tower Leasing

Market Area

Tower Locations

Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90)

Document Name Size
M5 49.0 k
M6 48.3 k
M7 48.3 k
PL1 49.9 k
PL2 62.2 k
PL3 60.6 k
PL5 49.0 k
PL7 59.6 k
PL8 59.4 k
PL9 47.4 k
PL10 49.4 k
PL12 60.2 k
PL13 48.4 k
PL14 60.7 k
PL17 49.5 k
PL18 62.3 k
PL19 61.6 k

North Tri-State Tollway (I-94/I-294) Tower Locations

Document Name Size
M4 48.5k
PL 20 50.3k
PL 21 62.4k
PL22 60.4k
PL23 61.0k
PL24 61.5k
PL25 48.0k
PL28 63.0k
PL29 50.9k
PL31 62.6k
PL32 49.7k
PL33 49.9k
Willow Repeater 46.8k

South Tri-State Tollway (I-294/I-80) Tower Locations

Document Name Size
M1 48.2k
PL34 51.3k
PL35 49.4k
PL36 49.8k
PL37 61.3k
PL38 49.6k
PL39 61.3k
PL40 61.8k
PL41 49.8k
PL47 61.4k

Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) Tower Locations

Document Name Size
M8 48.5k
M11 49.3k
M12 49.1k
PL51 61.8k
PL56 49.4k
PL58 50.3k
PL61 50.1k
PL63 49.0k
PL64 60.5k
PL65 64.8k
Ashton Repeater 48.1k
Dixon Repeater 48.7k
Rochelle Repeater 47.2k

Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) Tower Locations

Document Name Size
PL73 49.6k
PL89 62.7k
PL93 50.3k
PL99 50.2k