Envisioning the Future of the Illinois Tollway

The Illinois Tollway launched the planning process to help inform, shape and develop its next capital plan and provide a framework to advance its long-term capital priorities.

The planning process will bring together voices from stakeholders, drivers and partners across the region and will result in an open, transparent and impactful capital program.


“I want to particularly thank Chairman Arnie Rivera and Executive Director Cassaundra Rouse for their focus on continuously improving operations and finding innovative solutions to support the needs of communities across Illinois. To the diverse array of stakeholders who are advising them on the path forward, thank you for your service, and I look forward to a robust and innovative capital plan."
-Governor JB Pritzker


Next Capital Plan Outreach



Capital Plan Priorities Survey

By the Numbers


Future improvements will be guided by four key principles


The Illinois Tollway is committed to leading efforts to invest in innovative solutions that help drive the region forward. The Tollway will examine the technologies and policies to deliver quality infrastructure to customers, advance a sustainable region and develop an environment for future growth.

Whether it is through its award-winning back office infrastructure, its ability to expand its fiber optic network or its commitment to expanding electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the system, this next capital program will be innovative.




Transportation infrastructure connects people to opportunities including safe housing, nutritious food, physical activity, education and job opportunities. For far too long transportation planning has been a decentralized activity that resulted in a disinvestment in underserved communities and underrepresentation of disadvantaged communities in the planning, project development, construction, operations and maintenance of the transportation system.

This next capital plan builds on a strong track record of working with communities, invest in small and diverse owned businesses and develop a pipeline to attract talent. The next capital plan will improve access for all Illinoisians – access that facilitates social and economic opportunities and meets the needs of all community members, particularly those identified as underserved, disadvantaged and overburdened.


The Illinois Tollway has a long-established commitment to diversity. Diversity is an integral part of all the Tollway’s business operations with an emphasis on providing small, diverse and veteran-owned firms with contract opportunities for construction, professional engineering services and goods and services, as well as helping small and diverse businesses grow and succeed and creating jobs for underrepresented individuals.

Through its ongoing data-driven approach, the Tollway is committed to further develop and support programs and services that will increase access to economic opportunities for minorities, women and veterans, as well as job opportunities for historically underrepresented individuals.


The Illinois Tollway will focus on sustainability – both environmentally and financially to make Tollway use affordable for those who face financial constraints and find new ways to make clean environmental-friendly investments.

As the Tollway delivers transportation solutions and infrastructure, the agency plans to support economic vitality, help meet social needs and develop infrastructure that is an asset to communities.