Illinois Tollway Spotlights Innovative Work Zone Safety Barrier

Improving safety and efficiency for workers and Tollway customers

Creating a safe roadway environment for our workers, drivers and passengers is part of the Illinois Tollway’s core mission. We’re always looking for ways to implement the newest safety technology, and we welcome the opportunity to share our success and lessons learned with partners.

The Mobile Barriers MBT1 serves as one of the tools in the Tollway’s toolbox we use in work zones to maintain a steady flow of traffic, while making sure roadway workers are safe. The barrier creates protection along the side of a work zone, with less disruption compared with other traffic control measures like traditional temporary concrete barrier walls.

These mobile barriers mean our crews have the space they need to complete their work safely while allowing our roads to reopen to normal traffic flow for our customers as quickly as possible.

The Tollway recently welcomed our counterparts from the Indiana Toll Road to demonstrate the work zone barrier. We look forward to more collaboration with transportation agencies as we work to promote work zone safety and awareness.

More about the Illinois Tollway’s Mobile Barrier Units

The Illinois Tollway’s two mobile barrier units provide flexible protection and can be deployed alongside a work zone, or in a rapid response scenario to adapt to changing conditions. Each unit comes fully equipped with features to ensure comprehensive on-site logistics, including power, lights, rear-facing barriers, also known as Truck Mounted Attenuators, modular capabilities, and signage to direct the flow of traffic. The units are designed to provide 42-102 feet of work zone protection with minimal vehicle deflection and have been crash tested under industry standards (NCHRP 350 and TL-2/TL-3).

More information about Work Zone Safety