"Waze" of the future at Illinois Tollway

How do you plan a trip or figure out your commute time? For most people, these tasks are increasingly aided by technology. Gone are the days of plotting the family road trip on an atlas; Mapquest and cellphones changed all that, playing an ever-increasing role in our lives and our travels.

Enter Waze, and the Illinois Tollway’s newest endeavor to deliver traffic incident information directly to the customers. Based on technology developed to deliver real-time traffic incident data to Twitter, the Tollway is now pushing this same data and the location of its HELP trucks assisting customers directly to the Waze app through the Waze Connected Citizens Program.

This data-sharing partnership means Tollway drivers who use Waze can get advance warnings on crashes, stopped vehicles, potholes and debris on our roadways. It also gives the Illinois Tollway access to the gigantic pool of data collected unanimously by Waze users to respond faster to incidents.

Joining the Waze Connected Citizens Program is another step by the Tollway to use evolving technology to increase safety and deliver travel improvements for our 1.6 million daily drivers.

You can read about our new Waze partnership in the Chicago Tribune or in the Illinois Tollway’s official news release.

The Tollway is one of about 900 city, state, county government agencies, nonprofits and first responders to join the Waze Connected Citizens Program, which grows with every driver and data point it receives, providing more information to drivers to allow them to avoid road closures, traffic incidents and congestion. More information about the Waze Connected Citizens Program can be obtained by visiting waze.com/ccp.

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