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Stay Safe In The Cold

The Illinois Tollway steps up when temperatures fall. The Tollway operates around-the-clock Zero Weather Road Patrols during dangerously cold weather to provide extra protection for stranded drivers. The 24-hour patrols search for drivers stranded in disabled cars along the Tollway and respond to calls for help that come in to *999 motorist assistance, Illinois Tollway dispatch or Illinois State Police District 15. Zero Weather patrols can assist drivers who have flat tires, empty fuel tanks and dead batteries, or transport drivers and passengers to a Tollway oasis or maintenance facility until they can obtain service or arrange a tow.The Zero Weather patrols augment other roadside assistance provided on the Tollway by H.E.L.P. trucks and Illinois State Police patrols to more quickly locate and aid stranded drivers when temperatures and wind chills are dangerously low. Stranded drivers can always dial *999 for roadway assistance. Drivers can obtain information about winter weather travel tips  here on our website .      

WGN Rides Along With Our Zero Patrol

Check out last week’s WGN news story highlighting our Zero Patrol crews out helping motorists on the Illinois Tollway. They’re out there 24/7 during the extreme cold.  

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Tollway Oases Being Used As Warming Centers

As temperatures drop dangerously low, the Illinois Tollway is opening the doors of its six oases to everyone who needs a place to warm up. The oases are open around the clock and most have pavilions that offer food, beverage and retail options....

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Tragic Loss of an Illinois State Police District 15 Trooper

The Illinois Tollway staff was devastated this weekend when Illinois State Police District 15 Trooper Christopher Lambert was struck by a vehicle while assisting with a three-vehicle crash on the Tri-State Tollway (I-294). ISP District 15 is the dedicated state police unit...

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Looking to the Future of Transportation

Last year, the Illinois Tollway began exploring the possibility of installing in-road charging equipment in the Central Tri-State Tollway (I-294) so drivers can recharge their electric cars just by traveling over the pavement. It’s an innovative idea—and one that the...

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