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Everything Customers Need to Know

As a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus, all toll collection is being handled via I-PASS, E-ZPass and the Tollway’s online payment portal. In addition, our in-person Customer Service Centers and the Illinois Tollway Customer Call Center have closed until further notice.

During this time, existing violations have been placed on hold, and grace period tolling has been extended; however, customers should pay for missed tolls below to avoid future violations. Further, here are the top things you should know as a customer:

Missed Tolls

If you do not have an I-PASS and missed a toll - within 7 days of travel, calculate your route using the trip calculator.  After seven days during the extended grace period use the Search By Plate feature to look up and pay your missed tolls by plate to avoid a future violation.

Within 7 Days: Pay Tolls Using Trip Calculator

After 7 Days: Search By Plate


All existing violations are on hold. If you’ve received a violation notice, as of March 15 the status of that violation has been suspended until full operations resume. Violation questions should be held until our customer service call center resumes operation. 

I-PASS Customers

Manage your I-PASS account entirely online –This includes adding funds, adding a new vehicle, resetting your password and updating all account and payment information. Manage your account here.

If your transponder isn’t reading properly, send your non-functioning transponder to: Illinois Tollway I-PASS Fulfillment Center, P.O. Box 806518, Chicago, IL 60680 and make sure your vehicle is registered to your I-PASS account so that any tolls may be applied to your account based on the license plate image.

If you want to dispute charges posted to your I-PASS Account go to Contact Us and click contact the I-PASS Team with your message. 

Customers looking to submit a check or pay with cash -You can purchase and apply funds with an I-PASS gift card from Jewel (with zero added user fees) or use any cash funded debit card (example: Visa gift card or debit card) to add funds online.

Redeem I-PASS Gift Cards

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