Cashless Tolling - What Customers Need to Know

Customers have a 14-day grace period to pay their tolls without fines and fees.

The Illinois Tollway offers a variety of options to pay tolls, including I-PASS and Pay By Plate.



Are you an infrequent tollway traveler? Are you looking for an easy way to pay an unpaid toll you already missed? 

  • Customers have a 14-day grace period – the longest in the nation – to pay unpaid tolls. Or set it up before you travel. 
  • Set up Pay By Plate - Simply add your plate, payment method and dates of travel and you’re all set. You’ll be charged weekly as tolls register in our system. 
  • No transponder is necessary, and customers are charged the cash rate – no fees and no fines. 

For more information click here.



Customers who use I-PASS or EZ-Pass pay a lower toll rate in exchange for using a transponder and applying money to their account in advance of their tolls. Over 90% of transactions are done via this method, and customers get a 50% discount on their tolls. 
Customers looking for the most seamless experience can stop by their local Jewel-Osco to enroll today. Click here to learn more.




The Illinois Tollway will take a check or money order in instances where customers are unable to pay online. Click here to learn more. 




The Illinois Tollway has extended a violation relief program which reduced all existing $20 and $50 violations to $3 for cars. The measure, initially slated to run through December 30th, 2020, was extended through June 30, 2021 providing a full year for customers to take advantage. 
To date, nearly 23% of all outstanding violation notices have been cleared by customers. For more information click here
All $20 and $50 violations have been reduced to $3 until June 30th, 2021



  • Reduced Fees - After June 25, 2020 passenger customer have 14 days to pay prior to receiving a mailed invoice, which has been reduced from a $20 violation to an initial $3 fee for each toll for passenger vehicles.
  • COVID-19 Relief - March 9, 2020 – June 25, 2020 customers were invoiced an extra .01 cent for missed tolls only.
  • Violation Relief - Before March 9, 2020 all outstanding $20 and $50 violations were reduced to $3 through June 30, 2021. To date, nearly 23% of all outstanding violation notices have been cleared by customers.
  • New Way to Pay - In June 2020 the Tollway’s new industry-leading Pay By Plate service rolled out allowing customers to go online, enter their plate, date of travel and payment method and let the Tollway take care of the rest.

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