Last Chance to Fill Out U.S. Census Forms and Help Illinois’ Transportation Network

The Illinois Tollway does not rely on any state, federal or local funding to operate, maintain, rebuild and expand its 294-mile network of roads; however, many transportation and transit agencies that encompass our regional transportation network do rely on federal dollars allocated, in part, by the US Census.  

That’s a small but critical reason why it is so important to complete your census forms, and now there’s one day left to be counted in the 2020 US Census.    

Failing to count even 1 percent of the state’s population in the 2020 Census would result in Illinois losing about $19.5 million annually for the next decade, amounting to a total loss during that time of more than $195 million.
Illinois typically receives about $2.4 billion annually in federal transportation funding based on its Census results, including about $1.5 billion for highway planning and construction. 
Undercounting Illinois’ population would reduce the federal funds going to those agencies, which in turn could limit the work they are able to do for our regional network.  

In 2015, Illinois received $19.7 billion in federal assistance for sixteen programs, including transportation, an amount equal to about $1,535 for each state resident. 
The deadline for submitting Census forms closes tomorrow, Thursday October 15, 2020.

Click here to complete your form today. 

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