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The Illinois Tollway is working closely with communities, businesses, elected officials, environmental and transportation organizations to plan for improvements. Public and stakeholder input is an important part of this process.

Central Tri-State Tollway (I-294)

The 84-mile-long Tri-State Tollway (I-94/I-294/I-80) is the workhorse of the 294-mile Illinois Tollway system.

At the heart of the Tri-State Tollway is the Central Tri-State (I-294) from Balmoral Avenue to 95th Street. This 22-mile section carries some of the heaviest volume of passenger and freight traffic on the Tollway system, resulting in twice the amount of congestion delays when compared to the entire Tollway system. These congestion delays are estimated to cost drivers $330 million annually in time and fuel.

The Central Tri-State plays an integral role in the region’s economy, as the roadway is central to the region’s transportation network connecting two airports, thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of residents and workers.


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I-90 Corridor


The Illinois Tollway is working closely with communities, businesses, elected officials, transit and transportation organizations to plan for and implement improvements as part of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) Rebuilding and Widening Project. In addition, the Tollway continues to host public open house meetings, community briefings and works with residents and businesses to provide information and answer questions.


The Council's Guiding Principles

The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) Corridor Planning Council has completed an assessment on how to combine the reconstruction of the Tollway's portion of I-90 with plans to reduce congestion and increase environmentally sound transportation options throughout the corridor, including express bus lanes and congestion pricing.

The Council's Findings and Recommendations document includes a series of recommendations to create a state-of-the-art corridor that will better connect the Rockford and Chicago metropolitan areas. The Council's Final Resolution supports the implementation of managed lanes on I-90.

Co-chaired by the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, the I-90 Corridor Planning Council also included representatives from:

  • The Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Regional transit and transportation planning agencies
  • Local business and environmental groups
  • Five county boards along the I-90 corridor
  • Legislators
  • Northwest Municipal Conference

Chicago Regional Congestion Pricing Study

This study looks at the feasibility of using congestion pricing to manage peak period traffic congestion in the Chicago region and appraise the potential of implementing pricing to increase the use of alternate travel modes and enhance the capacity on the region's expressway system.

Congestion pricing of existing tolled facilities operated by the Illinois Tollway, and existing non-tolled interstate highways are evaluated. Both fixed and variable pricing are considered in the study, together with pricing differentials for electronic toll collection and vehicle types. The study involved extensive public and stakeholder outreach effort to evaluate the level of support and feasibility of various pricing strategies.

Tri-County Access Project

The Tri-County Access Project is a comprehensive regional study that will determine how to ease traffic congestion in Lake, northern Cook and eastern McHenry counties in a way that is environmentally-friendly and fiscally responsible.

The project brings together stakeholders from throughout the region to examine a reasonable range of potential alternatives, to address traffic congestion in an approximately 1000 square mile study area that includes counties in 2 states and more than 85 cities and villages.


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