I-290/I-88 Interchange Project at I-294

Overview and Background

I-290/I-88 Interchange Project at I-294The I-290/I-88 Interchange at I-294 is one of the most important interchanges on the Tollway system. It is not only an important connection for commuter and local traffic, but also an important part of the freight network. With more than 300,000 vehicles using the interchange every day, this is one of the most notorious interchanges for backups.

Throughout the planning process of the Central Tri-State Project commuters, the business community and freight carriers expressed the need to fix the I-290/I-88 Interchange at I-294. Addressing backups and alleviating congestion on this Interchange was also a recommendation of the Central Tri-State Corridor Planning Council.

The Tollway Board of Directors directed staff to expand the Move Illinois capital program and advance a solution that addresses regional transportation needs and provides benefits to Tollway customers and communities along the corridor. The I-290/I-88 Interchange is part of the expanded project scope and budget.


This video examines the current conditions of the I-290/I-88 interchange at I-294. Improvements at this interchange will reduce backups and dramatically improve the chokepoint so that commuters, travelers and commerce can more efficiently reach their destinations.

Project Study Area

I-290/I-88 Interchange Project at I-294 - Study Area

Public Outreach

Public and stakeholder input is an important part of the Tollway’s process. The Tollway has met with and will continue to meet with adjacent local municipalities and partner government agencies to coordinate and advance project priorities.

To provide input or to ask a project question, you can send an email to I-290-88info@getipass.com.


July 20, 2017 Public Meeting Presentation

Moving Forward

Because the project impacts a federally aided interstate system, the process must follow a special federal planning process. In close coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the Tollway is working to advance the project following these federal guidelines.

Once complete, the Tollway will begin detailed design engineering to further refine and develop the details of the project. If additional right-of-way is required, it will be identified at the time. Project construction could begin as soon as 2023 and will be completed as early as 2025.

Federal Planning Process

I-290/I-88 Interchange Project at I-294 - Federal Planning Process

Project Timeline

I-290/I-88 Interchange Project at I-294 - Project Timeline