Stormwater Management


The Illinois Tollway strives to implement best practices to control, reduce and filter stormwater discharge through coordinated efforts in the planning, design and construction phases of a project.

These efforts are developed, implemented and enforced in order to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the Tollway system to protect water quality and satisfy the appropriate water quality regulations. The Tollway is often required to secure a stormwater permit through project consultation and coordination with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.


The Illinois Tollway partnered with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC) to implement a stormwater demonstration project along the North Tri-State Tollway in northern Cook County.

The demonstration project includes approximately 16 acres of Forest Preserve property from Touhy Avenue near O'Hare Airport to Lake Cook Road. The Tollway developed the bioswales project to facilitate the widening and reconstruction of the North Tri-State Tollway while at the same time managing the stormwater runoff from the roadway.


We worked with the FPDCC to develop a stormwater management system to reduce stormwater pollutant loadings and volumes. This system was developed with input from the stakeholder groups consisting Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Friends of the Forest Preserve, Openlands Project, Friends of the Parks, Cook County Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Geologic Survey, and the Morton Arboretum. The final stormwater project includes bioswales along more than 30,000 linear feet of roadway.

Plans for vegetation were developed to establish a native plant community that could tolerate pollutants found in roadway runoff. 

Environmental Stewardship

       2016 NPDES Report (To view attachments, please contact the Environmental Team)

       2015 NPDES Report 

Stormwater Management

Elgin O'Hare
Construction Contract Project Environmental Documents
4640 Wood Dale Road Bridge NOI SWPPP
4647 Roadway and Bridge Rehabilitation: US-20 to Meacham Road NOI SWPPP
4629 Park Blvd to Arlington Heights Road NOI SWPPP
4649 Building Demolition NOI SWPPP
4650 Building Demolition NOI SWPPP
4644 Lively Blvd. to Thomas Dr. and IL-83 NOI SWPPP
4652 Building Demolition NOI SWPPP
4661 Building Demolition NOI SWPPP
4642 MP13.6 to MP15.2 NOI SWPPP
4632 Building Demolition NOI SWPPP
4664 Plum Grove Road Detention Basin Improvements NOI SWPPP
4662 IL-490 Interchange Advanced Earthwork NOI SWPPP
4663 Detention Pond, Pump Station and Advanced Earth Work NOI SWPPP
4665 Building Demolition


Tri-State Tollway
Construction Contract Project Environmental Documents
5707 I-294 Roadside Safety and Structural Repairs MP 23 to 52.8 NOI SWPPP
4259 Maintenance Facility 2 Parking Lot Rehabilitation NOI SWPPP
4239 Maintenance Facility 14 Storage Building Construction NOI SWPPP


Veterans Memorial Tollway
Construction Contract Project Environmental Documents
4243 Drainage and Televising NOI SWPPP
5663 SB Widening near 75th Street NOI SWPPP


Reagan Memorial Tollway
Construction Contract Project Environmental Documents
5661 Roadway and Bridge Rehabilitation MP 55.1 to MP 67.3 NOI SWPPP
5662 Roadway and Bridge Rehabilitation MP 67.3 to MP 76.8 NOI SWPPP
5699 Mitchell Road Bridge Replacement NOI SWPPP
4229 Maintenance Facilities 11 & 12 Parking Lot Improvements NOI SWPPP
5660 Roadway Rehabilitation MP 44.2 to MP 55.1 NOI SWPPP
5712 Reconstruction US Route 52 to US Route 30 NOI SWPPP
4248 I-88 at Farnsworth Avenue Bridge and Interchange Reconstruction NOI SWPPP



Jane Addams Memorial Tollway
Construction Contract Project Environmental Documents
4207 Widening and Reconstruction MP 65.5 to 68.2 NOI SWPPP
4210 Widening & Reconstruction Oakton Street to Wolf Road NOI SWPPP
4211 Widening & Reconstruction MP 75.1 to 76.6 NOI SWPPP
4206 Widening & Reconstruction MP 61.3 to 65.5 NOI SWPPP
4205 Widening & Reconstruction MP 56.8 to MP 60.8 NOI SWPPP
4209 Widening & Reconstruction Arlington Heights Road to Oakton Street NOI SWPPP
4204 Widening and Reconstruction at IL-31 Interchange NOI SWPPP
4208 Widening and Reconstruction I-290 to Arlington Heights Road NOI SWPPP
4212 EB Road/Bridge Reconstruction MP 76.6 to 78.9 NOI SWPPP
5698 IL-72 Bridge Reconstruction NOI SWPPP
4220 Barrington Road Reconstruction NOI SWPPP
4218 Irene Road Interchange Ramps A & C NOI SWPPP
5697 Bridge Widening and Reconstruction Garden Prairie Road and Anthony Road NOI SWPPP
4237 Detention Pond, Pump Station and Advanced Earth Work NOI SWPPP
4232 Inside Lanes MP 73.3 to MP 76.6 NOI SWPPP
4236 Inside Lanes MP 70.7 to MP 73.3 NOI SWPPP
4231 Inside Lanes MP 54.4 to MP 55.4 NOI SWPPP
4233 Inside Lanes MP 60.8 to MP 65.5 NOI SWPPP
4235 Inside Lanes MP 68.1 to MP 70.7 NOI SWPPP
5711 Inside Lanes MP 78.3 to 78.8 NOI SWPPP
5700 Tripp Road & Spring Center Road Bridges Widening & Reconstruction NOI SWPPP
4617 Reconstruction and Widening of Elmhurst Road & Oakton Street NOI SWPPP
4245 West Landscaping Improvements NOI SWPPP
4234 Inside Lane Reconstruction: Roselle Road to IL-53 NOI SWPPP
4261 Roadway and Bridge Repairs US-20 to Randall Road NOI SWPPP
4262 Maintenance Facility 6 Salt Dome Replacement NOI SWPPP
4264 Pedestrian Overpass at Barrington Road NOI SWPPP