Pay Unpaid Tolls

Miss paying a toll? It’s now easier than ever to pay unpaid tolls online thanks to TOLLING 2020. Customers now have 14 days from the date of their unpaid tolls to set up our Pay By Plate service to ensure avoiding fines and fees. Also, with our new invoicing service, if you don’t pay online, you’ll now be sent an invoice with a fee for each toll before you receive a violation. Read more below!

Pay By Plate

Pay By Plate from the Illinois Tollway allows you to safely and securely pay unpaid tolls if you travel without an I-PASS transponder and you do not have an IPASS account. While I-PASS is still the best, most cost-effective way to pay tolls on the Illinois Tollway, Pay-By-Plate is built on the I-PASS payment platform, giving you a range of payment options while ensuring you avoid costly fines and fees, all without a transponder. Whether you just traveled or are about to travel, simply provide your license plate details, dates of travel, and a payment method and you're all set.

What can I do with Pay By Plate?

  • Already miss a toll? No problem. For up to 14 days after you’ve traveled, you can now enter your vehicle and payment information into the Pay By Plate system. Our system will bill you the cash rate for your unpaid tolls, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ll avoid any fines and fees.
  • Renting or Borrowing a car? Pay Tolls Here! Now, if you’re renting a vehicle or have a temporary vehicle of any kind, you can use the Pay By Plate system to pay. You can still pay previously unpaid tolls for up to 14 days, and you’ll be able to set an end date to ensure you’re not charged in the future for that same vehicle.
  • Managing Multiple Vehicles? You can do that on Pay By Plate too! If you’d like, within the Pay By Plate system you can add vehicles and manage your payment methods with Pay By Plate.


When an unpaid toll isn’t paid online, the Illinois Tollway will mail the customer a series of invoices providing multiple opportunities to address unpaid tolls and avoid entering the violation process. Invoices will be sent via U.S. Mail and will include an invoicing fee for each unpaid toll.

If you’ve received an invoice, click below to enter the payment portal to quickly and easily pay the unpaid tolls online using the assigned invoice number. Customers are able to do the following:

  • Pay any invoice. Quickly and easily pay any invoices associated with your license plate through the easy-to-use payment portal.
  • Dispute a license plate image. Mistakes happen. At times, due to the multitude of license plate types in Illinois, images are misidentified. If you believe this is the case, you may dispute the image of your plate after entering your invoice number.
  • Dispute a missed toll. As a customer, you have the right to dispute your charges by filling out a sworn Affidavit of Non-Liability and providing documentation as to the nature of the dispute.

    Note, not being aware that you were on a tolled facility, not intending to miss initial payment, and not being the operator of the vehicle are not grounds to dispute a missed an unpaid toll. Also, the Illinois Tollway does not accept payment for unpaid tolls on non-Illinois Tollway toll roads or other tolling systems such as the Chicago Skyway, the Indiana Toll Road and E-ZPass systems.

Unpaid Tolls Older than 14 Days and No Invoice Yet?

If you’ve missed tolls on the Illinois Tollway but haven’t received an invoice yet, you may still have a chance to avoid the invoice fees by checking our Search By Plate system. At times, unpaid tolls remain in our system longer than 14 days due to processing and quality control. As a courtesy, our team provides the Search By Plate feature to allow you to search your plate in our database and pay your unpaid tolls that may be still processing. Please note

  • Search by Plate is a courtesy to customers.
  • Plates do not appear in Search By Plate for at least 14 days.
  • There is no guarantee that all unpaid tolls will appear in the system.

Invoices, violations and unpaid tolls within 14 days cannot be paid via Search By Plate. If you’re looking to pay previously incurred violations under the Illinois Tollway’s TOLLING 2020 violation relief program, please refer to the Violation Page and follow the link to enter you plate number and violation number beginning with “VN” as referenced in your notice.

  • Even if you miss the 14-day window, there is still a chance that you are able to pay your tolls in the Pay By Plate system
    • At times, unpaid tolls stay in the Pay By Plate system for longer than 14 days. As a result, customers are encouraged to take the time to search their plates at any time to see if they are able to address their missed tolls before receiving an invoice.
  • Violations cannot be paid via Search By Plate. If you’re looking to pay previously incurred violations under the Illinois Tollway’s TOLLING 2020 violation relief program, you need your vehicle plate number and your violation notice number to pay here.

Want to Calculate Your Unpaid Tolls?

If you would like to calculate your unpaid tolls to anticipate your charges, simply open the Trip Calculator, right click on the map where your trip started (within Illinois) and where it ended (within Illinois) and the calculator will chart your route and identify your tolls.

If you’ve used Trip Calculator in the past, you know you’re able to pay unpaid tolls here as well. With Pay By Plate, there’s now a much easier way to pay unpaid tolls; however, for a limited time we are leaving the payment feature open on this tool for your convenience.

Cash Customers

Cash customers may also visit any Illinois Tollway Customer Service Center location for assistance on managing missed tolls and I-PASS accounts offline. Click here for hours and locations of our customer service center locations.

By check – Cash customers may also pay by check or money order payable to the Illinois Tollway. Please write the violation notice number on your check or money order. Indicate the amount of your payment in the place provided on the notice and return the coupon with your payment.

Mail to: Illinois Tollway - P.O. Box 5544 - Chicago, IL 60680-5544