Rolling Owner-Controlled Insurance Program

The Rolling Owner-Controlled Insurance Program, known as ROCIP, is intended to provide liability coverage for on-site activities for enrolled firms participating in Tollway construction contracts under the Small Business Initiative or the state’s Small Business Set-Aside Program.

For contracts included in the ROCIP, enrollment by contractors is mandatory prior to notice to proceed.

The Illinois Tollway’s ROCIP includes commercial general liability and excess liability up to $25 million per occurrence and $25 million in aggregate. Contractors are still required to maintain off-site insurance coverages.

If you have any questions regarding general liability insurance please email us by clicking here.

If you'd like to download the ROCIP Insurance Manual, please click here.

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Why is ROCIP critical to increasing participation?

The Illinois Tollway is continually evaluating opportunities to increase participation by small and diverse businesses as prime contractors on construction contracts. By providing liability coverage for on-site activities as part of the ROCIP, Tollway is removing barriers to prime contracting opportunities for small businesses.

What are the benefits to contractors? 

  • ROCIP coverage fulfills Tollway construction contract insurance requirements for General Liability Coverage 
  • Allows more small, diverse and veteran-owned firms to pursue prime opportunities
  • Increases pool of firms ready to compete for Tollway contracts 

What kind of work is covered? 

Construction contracts under the Small Business Initiative or the state’s Small Business Set-Aside Program are eligible for ROCIP coverage. Examples of types or work may include landscaping, roadway, crossroads/bridges, noise/retaining walls, grading/drainage, lighting/fiber optic, removals.




Key Features

  • Tollway provided liability coverage for enrolled contractors and subcontractors
  • Eliminates significant challenge for small businesses
  • Effective on select contracts for a period of three years



  • Registered Illinois Small Businesses Set-Aside vendor (CPO Certification)
  • Registered in the Illinois Tollway's Small Business Initiative

Additional Requirements

  • IDOT, CDB prequalification (where applicable)
  • Self-performance goal of up to 40 percent, determined on a project-by-project basis
  • Meet all applicable diversity goals
  • Subcontractors must also enroll in the ROCIP