Violation Enforcement Services


Have you received a Notice of Violation from the Illinois Tollway’s Violation Enforcement Services?

Click “Review and Pay Violation Notices” below to enter the Violation Enforcement Services portal.

Be prepared with:

  • The “Invoice Number” included on every Notice of Violation and Final Order of Liability can be used to access the Violation Enforcement Services portal.
  • Your license plate may be used to search on the Violation Enforcement Services portal.








What is the difference between an invoice and a violation?

Notices of Violation and Final Orders of Liability both feature an orange logo at the top of the notice, clearly marking the notice as coming from the Tollway’s Violation Enforcement Services Customers who have invoice notices left unpaid will be escalated to violations requiring payment of tolls, fees and fines.

Invoices are issued by the Illinois Tollway and can be paid via the “Pay Invoices” section of the Illinois Tollway’s website. Drivers who fail to pay their tolls within 14 days of travel on the Tollway will be sent an invoice for tolls with fees.

Unpaid Tolls Timeline


Is there relief available?


I-PASS Assist offers qualified income-eligible customers the benefits of I-PASS, lower prepayment requirements and waived transponder deposits, as well as invoice fee dismissals upon activation of an I-PASS account. Customers looking for relief should visit I-PASS Assist.


Customers may qualify for the Last Chance Discount – up to 50% off fees

  • Includes customers with outstanding initial toll invoices issued between June 1, 2020, and September 30, 2022

Review here to see if you qualify.