Stormwater Management


The Illinois Tollway strives to implement best practices to control, reduce and filter stormwater discharge through coordinated efforts in the planning, design and construction phases of a project.

These efforts are developed, implemented and enforced in order to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the Tollway system to protect water quality and satisfy the appropriate water quality regulations. The Tollway is often required to secure a stormwater permit through project consultation and coordination with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Stormwater Management/Pollution Prevention

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Elgin O'Hare (I-490 Tollway and Illinois Route 390)
Construction ContractProjectEnvironmental Documents
4339Elgin O-Hare West Access Tollway (I-490) Roadway and Bridge Widening and Reconstruction, Tri-State Tollway South of Grand Avenue to Wolf Road M.P. 35.04 to M.P. 36.70, Western Access Tollway (I-490) Ramp S1 and Ramp S2 M.P. 00.00 to 00.25NOISWPPP
4489M-16 Maintenance Facility and Site ImprovementsNOISWPPP
4537EOWA, I-490 Compensatory Storage Construction at Addison CreekNOISWPPP
4673I-490 Roadway Construction Irving Park Road to IL 390NOISWPPP
4683EOWA (IL-390) Roadway and Bridge Construction, IL 83 to York RoadNOISWPPP
4704I-490 Advanced Earthwork, Drainage & Retaining Wall ConstructionNOISWPPP
4705I-490 Interchange Construction Higgins Creek to Mount Prospect RoadNOISWPPP
4712I-490 Advance Earthwork, Drainage, Construction & Railroad Spur GradingNOISWPPP
4715EOWA (I-490) Building Demolition, East GreenNOISWPPP
4716EOWA (I-490) Building Demolition, Franklin AvenueNOISWPPP
4722EOWA (I-490) Bridge Construction, O'Hare Ramp to Westbound IL 390 M.P. 16.7 to M.P. 16.9NOISWPPP



Tri-State Tollway
Construction ContractProjectEnvironmental Documents
4382Stearns School Road Bridge Reconstruction over Tri-State Tollway (I-94)NOISWPPP
4431Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction Tri-State Tollway (I-294) Mile Long Bridge M.P. 20.7 to M.P. 22.5NOISWPPP
4458I-294 Roadway and Bridge Widening and Reconstruction North Avenue to South of Grand Avenue M.P. 33.44 to M.P. 35.04NOISWPPP
4464I-57 Roadway and Bridge Widening, I-294 Ramp ConstructionNOISWPPP
4475I-57 Widening over CSX and B & Oct Railroad Bridge and I-57 Re-StripingNOISWPPP
4481I-294 Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction Archer Avenue InterchangeNOISWPPP
4490I-294 (CTS) Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District Sanitary RelocationsNOISWPPP
4491I-294 Bridge Reconstruction I-55 Ramp ANOISWPPP
4495I-294/I-57 Interchange Ramp C Flyover, Dixie Creek Bridge, and Ramp F2NOISWPPP
4496I-294 Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction, Ramp J from South of I-88 to North of I-290NOISWPPP
4506I-294 Shoulder Rehabilitation and Traffic Crossover, 95th Street to LaGrange RoadNOISWPPP
4507I-294 Shoulder Rehabilitation, Retaining Wall/Noise Wall, 75th Street to I-55 RampsNOISWPPP
4512I-294 Advance Fiber Relocation InstallationNOISWPPP
4517Roadway & Bridge Reconstruction, 95th Street to Plaza 36NOISWPPP
4518I-294 Roadway Reconstruction and Widening, Plaza 39 to 75th StreetNOISWPPP
4519I-294 Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction, 75th Street through I-55NOISWPPP
4520I-294/I-57 Interchange Ramp D Roadway and Bridge ConstructionNOISWPPP
4528I-294 Roadway Reconstruction, Ramp S Westbound I-290 to Eastbound Lake StreetNOISWPPP
4533I-294 Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction, St. Charles Road to North Avenue/Lake StreetNOISWPPP
4538I-294 Structural Repairs and Noise Abatement Wall Construction M.P. 11.6 to M.P. 25.28NOISWPPP
4541Noise Abatement Wall Construction, O'Hare Oasis to Irving Park RoadNOISWPPP
4546I-294 Noise Abatement Wall Construction, Hinsdale Oasis to 55th StreetNOISWPPP
4550I-294 Pedestrian Bridge ConstructionNOISWPPP
4554I-294 Box Culvert Construction, Ogden Avenue to Cermak Road, M.P. 27.8 to M.P. 29.5NOISWPPP
4555I-294 Bridge Replacement, Plainfield Road over I-294 & Flagg CreekNOISWPPP
4499I-294 Grading and Drainage Improvements, Ramp AB from I-294 Southbound to I-55 NorthboundNOISWPPP


Reagan Memorial Tollway
Construction ContractProjectEnvironmental Documents
4313Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehab (I-88) from M.P. 126.9 to M.P. 139.1NOISWPPP
4352Windsor Drive Bridge Replacement over Tollway Connector Ramps M & N Between I-88 and I-294NOISWPPP
4474Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) Pavement and Structure Reconstruction and RehabilitationNOISWPPP
4501I-88 Drainage and Grading Improvements, M.P. 45.5 to 136.4NOISWPPP
4532I-88 Deerpath Road Bridge ReconstructionNOISWPPP
4544M-8 Maintenance Facility, Westbound Access RoadNOISWPPP
4580I-88 M-8 Maintenance Facility Eastbound Access Road, M.P. 117.7 to M.P. 117.9NOISWPPP



Jane Addams Memorial Tollway
Construction ContractProjectEnvironmental Documents
4487Westbound Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehabilitation and Toll Plaza 2 ImprovementsNOISWPPP
4503I-90 Eastbound Pavement and Structural Preservation and RehabilitationNOISWPPP
4504I-90 Grading ImprovementsNOISWPPP




The Illinois Tollway partnered with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC) to implement a stormwater demonstration project along the North Tri-State Tollway in northern Cook County.

The demonstration project includes approximately 16 acres of Forest Preserve property from Touhy Avenue near O'Hare Airport to Lake Cook Road. The Tollway developed the bioswales project to facilitate the widening and reconstruction of the North Tri-State Tollway while at the same time managing the stormwater runoff from the roadway.


We worked with the FPDCC to develop a stormwater management system to reduce stormwater pollutant loadings and volumes. This system was developed with input from the stakeholder groups consisting Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Friends of the Forest Preserve, Openlands Project, Friends of the Parks, Cook County Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Geologic Survey, and the Morton Arboretum. The final stormwater project includes bioswales along more than 30,000 linear feet of roadway.

Plans for vegetation were developed to establish a native plant community that could tolerate pollutants found in roadway runoff.