I-PASS Assist continues to expand relief for working individuals and families

I-PASS Assist

The Illinois Tollway has further expanded its I-PASS Assist program to include additional fee dismissal for low-wage working families.  

“Over the last several years, the Tollway has reworked its entire model to improve the disparate impact fines and fees have on working families,” said Illinois Tollway Interim Executive Director Lanyea Griffin.  “The changes we’re advancing today will help prevent working families from carrying the burden of fines and fees that too often affects those who can least afford it.”  

In May, the Tollway’s Board of Directors green-lighted enhanced relief for I-PASS Assist through retroactive fee dismissal for qualified customers, as well as expanded partnerships with state agencies to maximize enrollment in the program. These benefits, in addition to the Tollway’s two-year amnesty efforts, stands to ensure the agency’s progress towards equity and fairness continues. 

To qualify for I-PASS Assist, customers must apply through the Illinois Tollway, which verifies the customer’s income eligibility with the Illinois Department of Revenue. Moving forward, the Tollway aims to partner with additional agencies to promote enrollment and ensure benefits are realized by all who qualify

Thanks to previous expansion efforts, enrollees of the program also qualify for a $20 incentive (while supplies last) and a free I-PASS transponder. To date, more than 5,000 customers have enrolled in the program.  

In 2020, the Illinois Tollway advanced critical reforms through the Tolling 2020 relief program, which advanced sweeping amnesty and fine reductions for all Tollway customers with outstanding fines, while drastically reducing the initial costs associated with unpaid tolls for passenger vehicles. Since then, the Tollway’s amnesty efforts provided millions in relief to customers through the drastic reduction in fines.

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