Looking to the Future of Transportation


Last year, the Illinois Tollway began exploring the possibility of installing in-road charging equipment in the Central Tri-State Tollway (I-294) so drivers can recharge their electric cars just by traveling over the pavement.

It’s an innovative idea—and one that the Chicago Tribune said in a recent editorial is worth considering as the Tollway moves to incorporate new transportation technology into its 15-year, $14 billion Move Illinois capital program.

Here’s an excerpt -

The Tollway is looking to a future that is expected to include more electric vehicles (EVs) as it begins its $4 billion reconstruction and widening of 22 miles of I-294 between Balmoral Avenue in Rosemont and 95th Street in Oak Lawn.

While drivers piloting electric vehicles now may experience “range anxiety” caused by limited battery capacity, the Tollway is investigating whether that dilemma could be cured by embedding charging equipment under the pavement along portions of I-294 as the roadway is rebuilt.

That technology would wirelessly charge electric vehicles as they pass over it, reducing the need for drivers to stop to recharge their batteries and eliminating “range anxiety” for anyone who takes an EV for a spin on I-294. 

The Tollway will continue to look forward to determine what new technologies it can adopt or develop to make traveling more efficient and environmentally friendly for our customers.

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