Office of the Inspector General

About the Office

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) was created by statute (605 ILCS 10/8.5) to provide independent oversight essential to maintain public trust in the Illinois Tollway.

Mission Statement

OIG's mission is to foster effectiveness and efficiency in Tollway administration and operations by promoting integrity and accountability in the activities of the Tollway Board, Tollway employees, and Tollway contractors and vendors.

OIG Activities

In furtherance of its mission, OIG works to detect, deter, and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, misconduct, and mismanagement. OIG reviews Tollway procedures and conducts administrative and criminal investigations of alleged violations of law, rule or regulation, and gross or aggravated misconduct or mismanagement.


OIG investigations are confidential; consequently, complainants are not normally apprised of the progress of investigations or reviews and may not be informed about the disposition of an investigation or review. In addition, in order to maintain the integrity of its processes, OIG will neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation or review prior to final disposition.

By law, OIG must maintain confidentiality of information exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

OIG Jurisdiction

OIG's jurisdiction extends to Tollway officials, Tollway employees, and Tollway contractors and vendors. As a general rule, OIG does not become involved in cases involving private disputes, labor-management issues, or litigation. Matters investigated by OIG may also fall within the jurisdiction of other agencies (e.g. federal, state, or local law enforcement, other inspectors general, etc.). In such cases, the Inspector General is authorized to refer matters or work jointly with these other agencies to investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

Please be advised that complaints related to toll violation notices are most appropriately handled by the Tollway's Customer Service Department, and such complaints will be referred there.



Report Wrongdoing

Clicking on the REPORT WRONGDOING button will take you to a secure/offsite form that will allow you to make a confidential report. Your report will be encrypted and transmitted directly to the Office of the Inspector General.


Report Wrongdoing

You can make a difference

Report fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, mismanagement, and misconduct by Tollway officials, employees, or those doing business with the Tollway.


866-7TOLL-IG (866-786-5544)




Office of the Inspector General
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By law, the identity of any individual providing information or reporting possible or alleged misconduct to OIG may not be disclosed without consent of that individual or as otherwise required by law.

Furthermore, state and federal Whistleblower protections strictly prohibit retaliation against those who expose wrongdoing to OIG.





Report Wrongdoing

OIG Reports

Where an OIG investigation establishes that reasonable cause exists to believe that fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, misconduct, or mismanagement has occurred, OIG will submit a summary report to the Tollway Executive Director and the Board of Directors that outlines the investigation, describes findings, and sets forth any recommendations for corrective or disciplinary action.

In addition, in March and September, the Inspector General issues semi-annual reports of activities to the Governor's Office, the Tollway Board of Directors, and the Illinois General Assembly, which are published on its website.